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What does MJ/m2 stand for?

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"12 links on how to write killer headlines"?

I love the slideshow. I think the two big keys for journalists to understand are: (1) The internet separated headlines from stories and (2) On the web, we know which headlines work.

I get a lot of push-back from journalists who don't want their headlines changed, but it's like, look, if you have a bad headline, you're hiding your story—the thing that you spent the bulk of your time on—from prospective readers. Do you wanna be "clever," or do you wanna get read?

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Nice and simple! I'll pass this along to my coworkers.

Come to think of it, I think I first became aware of you after you followed me on Delicious. So I guess it works both ways :)

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I find it interesting that 80% wanted "links to related material," but only 60% were interested in "aggregat[ed] news from around the Internet." Makes me wonder how the poll defined "links" (if at all). I would guess that most people want their links to be curated from all over, but maybe I'm wrong or maybe "aggregator" is just too jargon-y for the average news consumer.

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The family in the van was living in Poulsbo, recently relocated from Oregon, according to police: