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I still say we get a bunch rich conservatives, a few well backed Israelis, some Brits, and make a list of all the Islamic fundamentalist that are out in the UK, US, and else where that are trying to promote their Jihad. Then, this group goes out and one, by one, systematically kill each and everyone of these individuals! These people need to be stopped!

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I'm sure George Sorros has a hand it too!

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Exactly, Fai Mao! This is so politically motivated it will make you sick!

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These people kill me. I mean seriously, she gets up and says she is all for the extermination of Jews, its on video. Now that she is put into a corner and faced with the truth, she tries (like most Muslims) to blame it all on DH or someone else. ! You see this time and time again with Muslim students. Anything against or so called insensitive to Muslims, is considered hate. Look what happened at Florida State School of law.... when the truth comes out, its deemed offensive by Muslims. However, ask them if they are for or against Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al Qadeia , the give you the run around, and really do not give you a straight answer. Now, I do like the fact that she gave her honest opinion. Its just funny now she is back peddling.

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We have people like Loganswarning, David Horowitz, Glen Beck, Brigett Katz, etc, etc, and books coming out about the Muslim Mafia, Stealth Jihad, yet, mainstream media is not willing to broadcast what is slowly happening to the Republic. PC is destroying this Republic by allowing Muslims that are bent on destroying us to slowly and methodically do what is their ultimate goal, fly the flag of Islam at the White House.

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Gary, obviously you have no clue as to what is going on in the UK. Where have you been? A Muslim can be a muslim without agreeing that the law should be Sharia. Also, you have no clue to who I am, let alone a majority of the American population. I'm not a racist, neither are a majority of Americans. We (American's) just speak the truth, unlike you are able to do.

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Obviously there is a problem in the UK with Islamic Fundamentalist, or they would not have paid over $80,000. 00 for the scanners. I say, try and catch as many terrorist that you can with these machines. Because it will only be a mater of time when Muslims out number the indigenous population, take control of Parliament, change the laws to sharia; and then ban the use of these machines.