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Matthew did a very good job dealing with this hostile panel. He certainly held his own.

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I sure hope VA is ok.

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It's good to see our ancestors honoured and our links to the past preserved.

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Agreed, VA.

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Where I live in SC it's all out of State retirees. They have flooded my county and dominate the politics and culture here. Tons of interracial couples. No one speaks with a Southern accent in town. No Confederate flags in the whole city, I do believe. Cameras on every red light. US flags on every house. It's a sickening environment. Once you leave the county and get out in the country it gets better but these people have destroyed my part of SC. I'm looking forward to them dying off. Sadly, it's going to take a while. And more are constantly moving in, fleeing whereever they are from. We don't have tons of Mexicans here yet but most of the retirees, if they need a maid or yard worker will hire a Mexican over a local person. They are also all highly concerned about offending Blacks. Yet they live in all-White retiree neighbourhoods.

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In a few years (we might be there already) it will be impossible for the GOP to win the White House. Soon it will be impossible for them to win the US Senate as well. The Republicans are going to be a permanent minority party. And they deserve this fate. Afterall, they worship people like Ronald Reagan who gave amnesty to 3 million Third World immigrants.

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VA, this obsession among libertarians with defining everything healthy as 'collectivist' and lumping it in the same category with communism is bizarre. It's one reason I quit calling myself a libertarian and have moved away from such positions. They seem to want to deny the natural world in a similar way as do the so-called Progressive.

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A government is just that. A government. A distinct ethnic/cultural group with a common identity and shared history is a nation. You're right, VA, about the sad state of the South today. But millions of Southerners still exist. And if things fell apart now I do think we could form some sort of Southern confederation - probably of small, widely dispersed and mostly rural territories at first. The longer the Empire lasts the more non-Southerners and foreigners will move in and the worse our chances are.

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It seemed to be a subdued event in many places. I'm glad to see it. Nothing to celebrate. We aren't independent or free. This society, as y'all know, is dying. And not a moment too soon. Hopefully the Southern people can survive the death of the Empire.

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I have listened to you for years, Scott, and hate to see you go.

I wish you the best, man. Take care.