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We're definitely on the page in the end!
I enjoyed debatting with you anyway, so thank you!

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Point well taken, Brian. I am no match up to you anyway, and I have no intention to play on words, since you will always, rightfully so, seek the last one: I didn't intend to reach out to the kid and to teach him to love his fellow man, because I would find it as preposterous as teaching him a lesson with threats.

I find social media a very interesting arena where points of view can be discovered, confronted, and yes, spread at a different speed than with the old media in the past. Therefore, I find the debate a very valuable one, and I am trying to understand the impact of the images you posted on the future behavior and hate speech of that kid, that's all. I am not precluding the fact that I might be completely wrong either.

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Wow... you certainly know more about me and my own understanding than I did!
I see no real reason why both our methods could not coexist. I am not dismissing you as a determined and dedicated person to combatting hatred and antisemitism. I do it too, on a daily basis, and I command you for your attempt.

However I will never be convinced that images of the holocaust serve well the purpose you pursue (and don't start me on my zero understanding of the holocaust, unless you have fully checked my background of course!)


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Brian, I find it interesting that you cared enough to "take an interest and teach him a lesson about his message". However, lessons are better taught without threats and it had to be about changing the kid's point of view on hatred, not on your point of view as valid as it was. That is why you had to resort to becoming overly defensive, and you ended up being less effective than if you had approached the underlying motives of the kid's needs to spur out hatred. Using the holocaust and looming consequences (like losing one's job) doesn't address the point of view of people who need to spit out their anger, resentment, prejudices, and who are totally ignorant about how it affects the world (including themselves).

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We are all reacting as being utterly distressed by something, because the grief we feel is triggering such distress. Everyone is trying to express how disturbed we are with what happened, and how it affects us - as differently as it can be for each and everyone.

I am wondering if the writing in a public way our feelings about the event is our attempt to alleviate the burden of the anxiety that was triggered by the murder of young Leiby - and the fact that it can receive attention can help because we all share some kind of reaction.

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I am a firm believer that the brain has ways we don't understand the least, ways to heal itself and find unconventional bypasses if something was damaged. Your dream is telling you that in many ways. Keep visualizing to train your brain to make new connections.

My prayers go to you and your complete and speedily healing.