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251 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Why Do They Slaughter ... · 0 replies · +16 points

This article explains how they can slaughter their victims, but not why they do so. They do so because they are not taught the inherent value of human life, because their god is less than personal. They instead are taught false grievance and superiority, and a hatred of the "other". Essentially it comes down to Ishmael's envy of Isaac.

252 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Why Islam Leads to Vio... · 0 replies · +15 points

I can't agree with this. There are plenty of abstract philosophies/theologies which advocate peaceful coexistence. Whether they do so successfully or not is another issue, as indeed I believe that in order to be viable in the long term a philosophy must deal with man's sinful, fallen nature, as does Christianity.

Islam's violence problem is not that it is abstract, it is in the content of its precepts. And indeed, there is a historical context to its principles as well, as Muhammad's doctrine conveniently followed his personal needs season by season. Unfortunately for the world, the progression did not go from warlike to pacifist, but the reverse.

It's also dangerous to cite the similarities of the three monotheisms, while not noting their immense differences. The character of the god of islam is markedly different from that of Christianity's God.

261 weeks ago @ Jewish Daily Forward - The Case for Premarita... · 0 replies · +3 points

Professing to be wise, they became fools...

Denigrate marriage, and watch what happens to society. Destroy the family and you won't be able to write enough laws to restrict behavior. The commitment and the sanctity have a lot to do with strengthening marriage and the family against the vicissitudes of life.

261 weeks ago @ Jewish Daily Forward - Jews Far More Promiscu... · 0 replies · +5 points

Someone is going to have to convince me the Muslims are telling the truth, when getting caught there can be a death sentence.

283 weeks ago @ Commentary Magazine - Why Dems Loved Bidenâ€... · 1 reply · +39 points

most Republicans think Democrats are wrong, not evil.

I tell you the truth, that may be changing. All these blatant lies, and the use of divisiveness to secure reelection despite the grave harm it does to the country, is beginning to add up and wear down. Throw in the incompetence that is harming us in the world, and you have a toxic mix. At some point the Dems must own their behavior.

283 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Romney Surges · 0 replies · +9 points

> Meanwhile, the Obama campaign keeps “losing” the news cycle.

Not an easy thing to do, when the media is so corrupt and delusional, but obama is achieving it. There is a point - believe it or not - when even our media will abandon obama in order to salvage some slight semblance of appearance of professionalism. I believe we actually are close to that point, as obama's incompetence, mendacity and ugliness of spirit are no longer possible to cover over.

285 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Leftists Can't Break 2... · 0 replies · +5 points

Read those links. The facts are clear that the GOP historically supported civil rights more than the Dems. But they did it in a responsible way, so the Dems co-opted the movement with the help of their PR arm, the mainstream media. But as Coulter says, the Dems have never been about treating blacks as responsible adults. Enter the decidedly unreverend Jackson and Sharpton and the rest of the race pimps that keep blacks in bondage through an embittered sense of entitlement. They are the blacks' worst enemies. For proof, look at the Democrat party's sellout to the teachers unions in their opposition to the one single thing that would raise blacks out of the ghetto: school choice.

285 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - How ‘Religious Defam... · 2 replies · +8 points

Delicious irony, but the law would never be enforced with equity. Just as with hate crime laws of today, the Left's cognitive dissonance would prevail.

287 weeks ago @ The Heritage Foundry - Investigators: Sebeliu... · 0 replies · +2 points

" Secretary Sebelius ***and HHS*** reimbursed the U.S. Treasury for all costs and expenses associated with her travel to the event."

Is that not sleight of hand?

288 weeks ago @ Commentary Magazine - Oren Rejects Wasserman... · 1 reply · +14 points

Well, ok, it was a dumb thing for DWS to say. But you can't fault her timing, on the eve of the big convention! Way to go, Deb!

Looks like the wheels are coming off the chariots for the Dems.