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Waitaminute... if you're talking about Great Playwrights, where's Neil Simon? And don't let anybody try that old "he's still alive" excuse - if he were, Broadway playgoers would be lining up today for "Odd Couple IV - the Oddening".

Anyway, I believe it happened at that reunion of "Your Show of Shows" writers that was hit by an asteroid ... the only survivor was Mel Brooks.

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With this picture of a frozen, uncooked McRib meat-thing bouncing around the Web AND Burger King introducing a $1 "BBQ Rib" sandwich , this year's McRib season will get interesting.

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it's not well known, but I always recommend "The President's Analyst"... a little dated but sums up the 1960s perfectly: American intelligence agencies fighting each other more than the Soviets, Telephone Company is the ultimate Big Bad - sorry, SPOILER - Freudian analysts, D.C. elites, hippies, suburban gun nuts, NOBODY is spared, plus a scifi angle that is just now coming true about 'implantable telephones' and the greatest line ever uttered in a movie "I'm NOT paranoid! You really ARE all spies!"


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You need a few "obscurities"...

"The President's Analyst" contained so much truth, both for its time, the 60s, and for today (the President's NEED for regular psychotherapy, American spy agencies fighting each other more than fighting enemies, implantable micro-telephones created by an evil Phone Company, and the immortal line "I' m NOT paranoid, your really ARE all spies!") plus James Coburn NOT playing a superspy, Godfrey Cambridge, Severn Darden and a very young William "KITT" Daniels

"Silent Running" was the only sci-fi movie that correctly predicted environmental collapse AND had Bruce Dern go bonkers for a good purpose

"Head", the Monkees and Jack Nicholson do dada. Nuff said.

"Drop Dead Fred" was Rik Mayall's true tour-de-force and the most accurate depiction of what happens when you grow up but your imaginary friends don't fade away (don't ask me how I know - also 'Foster's Home' owes everything to this movie)

"Wagons East" a showcase of cringeworthy stereotypes played for laughs, an even better deconstruction of Westerns than "Blazing Saddles" (IMO) and John Candy's last movie

animation would be best represented by "The Iron Giant" and the "Wallace & Grommet" move (and maybe "Over the Hedge", Dreamworks' highest-grossing release NOT to get several sequels and William Shatner's greatest performance)

These are the movies I show to any friends who declare themselves bored with current media... and they never talk about it again.

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If you're going to go with a far-out prediction, you can't beat the one proposed by other webcomic Capes N Babes:
Roger Daltrey!
not just for the obvious "Who" wordplay, but also...
(1) he used to have the same hair as Tom Baker... and has more of it left
(2) instead of "alons-y" or "geronimo" he can just yell "YEEEAAAHHH" (if CBS will let him)
(3) I remember him guesting on several episodes of "Sliders" as what was essentially an Evil Time Lord. He was the best thing on the show at the time (not that difficult, I know).
Just sayin'

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Well, Plastic Man can represent us if he's in the right mood

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Stage magician superhero?
After "The Incredible Hulk", Bill Bixby did play (kinda) one in the obviously titled "The Magician"...

"You wouldn't like me when I'm... PRESTO!!!"

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As a former resident of Los Angeles who grew up when the Rams was OUR team, St. Louis has all my sympathy..

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That's a somewhat Stark comparison, jOEL.

Well, there's George & Lenny in "Of Mice and Men", the obvious modern archetype that inspired (among a LOT of other stuff), Tex Avery's George & Junior

Of course, once you get into cartoon fictional duos, I MUST point out
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Ren & Stimpy
Beany & Cecil
Yogi Bear & Boo Boo (which leads into umpteen Hanna-Barbera duos)
Pinky & the Brain
and maybe The Tick & Arthur

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"I think I'd like to see some big-screen portrayals of the really alien looking and acting characters."

The Adventures of Akbar: how he rose to the rank of Admiral, mostly for his ability to recognize a trap.

Or reboot Jabba the Hutt as more of a Scrooge McDuck-type character, adventuring around the galaxy with his three nephews, Babba, Zabba and Gabba

The "Holiday Special" did leave me wanting to see more Wookiees.. no translated voices, please. Just subtitles.

Or go WAY back to the First Jedi and his inevitable persecution (maybe crucifixion? no, too controversial, besides, he'd be able to use his mind powers to get the mob to get him down).

So much good, quality mischief that COULD be done to that universe, especially if JJ runs interference with Disney's suits