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omg, that child of yours is precious!!
you're alright too, i guess.
Merry Christmas friend!

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hmmm, i wonder how briscuit burritos hold up in the mail............

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To: Cold Tenants
From: Building LADY!
RE: Temperature issues

While we understand your frustration regarding the temperature of your office we ask for your patience while we work diligently to resolve your issue. Sometimes things break and outside contractors need to be brought in to fix them. Sometimes the things that break? They can only be ordered from Idaho or Italy. So this shit takes time. It seems as though you think your constant bitching is going to speed up this process, I can assure you it will not. Your time would be much better spent knitting yourself a sweater or shutting the hell up.

Also, I would ask that you check the following (as we’ve been to your suite before for similar service calls and found these culprits):
1.Is your thermostat on? Because last time? It wasn’t. The thermostat being on is integral to your heat turning on.
2.Is your thermostat set to heat? Remember that time we rushed out after hours and found that “the little knobby thing” was pushed over the “cool”?
3.Is there a huge pile of papers on top of your vent? This can greatly impede the heat actually coming out and getting to you.
4.Does your neighbors office control your office, thermostat wars are no joke! Bill next door is about 200 lbs heavier than you and he likes it cool, you’re freezing, I get it. We specialize in building maintenance not co-worker mediation, mkay?

Please feel free to call me should you have any further questions or concerns. I am always here to assist you!

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This makes me want to squeeze you.

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omg, that outfit? she looks like she's ready to go off the Harvard any day!!!!

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it's all good, i find i learn a lot better through physical pratice and not fancy book learnin' :) and i'll totally hire you anytime!

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note to self: when flying to canada land, keep your trap shut!

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so what time should i be there?

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OMG your hubs has the same dorky glasses as mine!!

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i think i fall under the "by awesome" category. and i think YOU are the cat's pajamas.
for real.