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when i was in high school in los angeles, i had gone with friends, to a hoops game on the campus of loyola-marymount university (back in 1991, i believe).
... the lmu lions were playing in a tourney (cant remember who they were playing) and my friend's brother played for them.

not long into the game, a cat named hank gathers had a monster dunk -- he then fell to the floor, struggled to get back to his feet, yelled something (about being ok, or not wanting to lay down, or something), collapsed, and died right there.

horrible to see things like that -- puts an awful lot into perspective.

good job r.p. -- well written, and encompassing.
(and probably enough instances left to do an equally informative sequel list)

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or maybe this:
--these differentiations don't seem to be rooted in absolution, but i'm not sure how much of a leeway would be acceptable to art people, or whoever else cares.

------sculptures are æsthetic
------statues are representational
(christ the redeemer is a statue; the fountain at jardin à la française is a sculpture).

------sculptures are molded of primarily softer material
------statues are chipped away at, or carved (using harder mateirals)
(hence: sand sculptures, and not sand statues)

------sculpture is a blanket term for any 3d work of art (æsthetic)
------statues usually depict a happening or person, event (representative) -- and almost always depict a living thing, be it human, animal, battle b/w humans and cats -- whatever
(hence there is no existing statue of a castle or an x-box)

-----every statue is a sculpture, but not all sculptures are statues.
sculpture is a more encompassing term than statue.

there are probably more technical differences that im not aware of, also.

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yeah...sculptures belong on this list, and statues belong on a statue list.


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i like being thrown for a loop.

i just *knew* phidias' statue of athena the virgin (once housed in the parthenon) would appear somewhere on the list.

no problem that it didnt:
the choices and descriptions are great, spencer.

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they don't allow astronauts to eat beans before they travel to space. farting in a spacesuit damages the integrity of the materials of the suit. the much lower air pressure in a space capsule causes intestinal gas to expand to 3 x the normal volume, insuring a major local "environmental impact".

there -- thats *kind of* about space.

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@fendabenda: "What is nigiri?"

-----if a type of sushi has a prefix, then the first "s" gets changed to a "z", so you may have seen this as nigirizushi, or 握り寿司

it is just sashimi that is sitting on top of a rectangle mound of the sushi rice/sticky rice.
its almost always served in pairs -- im sure youve seen it somewhere at some point.

other types of nigirizushi:
---gunkanmaki (軍艦巻) is the same thing but with a piece of seaweed or nori or something wrapped around the outside, to form a little canoe looking thing.
---tamarizushi (手まり寿司) is similiar, but the vinegar sticky rice is formed into a ball instead of a rectangle or a canoe.

anyway ..... sashimi is just a solo piece of meat -- i can't ever remember seeing mantis shrimp served like this.
i have seen mantis prepared all 3 of the ways above, but i've not tried the gankanmaki.
i have also seen it substituted for the prawn tempura in dynamite rolls --- even though i've never had it tempura-ed, people do seem to like it that way.
in i did try it top seared once, but that distracts from the subtleties of the flavour.

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@fendabenda: "That mantis shrimp looks weird, is it edible?"

----yep. its good too -- its the same as 攋尿蝦 (which are those pissing shrimp -- even though it's water exiting, not piss) -- and they're difficult to eat (well, difficult to shell, anyway).
depending on your tastes, you may like 'em as nigiri or sashimi -- and it is a unique taste.

bad news: they usually run 20$-25$ a pound (if they are 7" to 9" ea., w/head, it comes out to about 5$ a pop). they're good, but not that good.

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turner and hooch?

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matt is probably talking about this:
So the North Magnetic Pole is actually the south pole of Earth's magnetic field. (from paragraph 7): http://www.windows2universe.org/earth/Magnetosphe...

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hey lifeschool--
-----i like your idea here, i don't know much about video games, so reading your picks was interesting.

but your #6 entry (yoshi's island) -- i know it was on one of the lists.
in fact, i think it was today's list

do you have 1 more good substitute for us?