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This will come in handy especially with the bug in Maverick that freezes mouse input after pressing a special function key with a Microsoft keyboard and mouse. At least then I can see what's crashed.

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This is great news. First I hear about tweetdeck including google buzz support, now seesmic. If you like twitter, but hate the 140 character limit, then google buzz is for you. Looks like I may have to dump gwibber on my PC and the official twitter app on my Android phone.

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I hope they offer a choice to use Google on Android phones, or else they just dont get it.

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Why would you want to use Opera Mini as a default browser? It uses an Opera proxy server to pass all webpages through in order to create a smaller version that works well on mobile devices, and it breaks end to end SSL connections in doing so. Even Opera suggests using Opera Mobile rather than Opera Mini.

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If Sprint wants to maximize their sales of the pending EVO they need to get the updates for their current phones out sooner rather than later.

If the leaks about the EVO going on pre-sale in May through BestBuy stores has any credence, the 2.1 update for the Hero and Moment need to be out the first part of April or Sprint risks cannibalizing their own potential sales for their current and/or future handsets.