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It is too bad that most Americans are more interested in Dancing with the Stars than they are with the emerging and growing problems America is facing with our international 'friends'. Iran has been at war with America, through proxies, since 1979, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. Venezuela has Iranian Hezbollah Muslim terrorists and Hezbohs are in Mexico, 'helping' the Drug Cartels there. There have been Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist captured in America, too. Oprah and DWTS is far more popular in the news than the Islamist terrorists among us.

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I can understand why the Muslims want to be exempted from all of these searches. Very invasive of our privacy AND, of course, their mission is to blow-up airplanes.

Since George Soros has a financial interest in the company that makes most of the electronic inspection machines, it makes perfect sense the Barack Obama is buying them BEFORE the Congress has approved of their use.

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This is just one more of Barack Obama's illegal 'policies', just like his policy of not inforcing laws against illegal aliens and preventing anyone else from enforcing laws of this nature.

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This voter registration corruption and other voting machine 'irregularities' make our elections a scandal and further adds to the distrust the citizens have for this federal government.

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Looks like a lot of 'Breaker Morant' politics gone awry with this foolishness of fighting wars with no clear 'winning' objective.

The only people who benifit in these years-long wars are the military industrial complex (whom President Eisenhower warned us about).

By the way, 1st LT Michael Behenna was NOT an Army Ranger. He went to Ranger School but did NOT serve in the Ranger Regiment; so, no Army Ranger for him. He was, instead: 'Ranger Qualified', as all of the school graduates are. This is not to take anything that 1Lt Behenna has earned from him, just setting the record straight.

--former Army Ranger (1/75 Rangers)

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Great article.

It is such a shame that the MSM fails to grasp the political violence that comes from the Islamization of Western countries and the purposeful campaign of sedition that is Islam, as the virus of that conquering political ideology takes root.

Certainly, the professional politicians--POLITICAL LEMMINGS-- seem to care little that the Muslims who are immigrating to America are doing this to 'SETTLE' this country to be Islamic and, eventually, fully under Sharia Theocratic Law. By embracing the Muslims, the politicians are working themselves out of a job and, in time, removing our Constitutional Republic from this earth.

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Great audio, thanks for posting it.

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This 'noise' created by the Muslims because they 'fear' that a few Qur'ans may be torched in Florida by a Christian is just that: noise. It is an opportunity to make threats of violence and then to carry out those threats against Americans everywhere in the world. Why should this surprise anyone, Muslims are known to be crazy murderers already. Forewarned is fore armed. Any Muslims who seek to commit violence on Americans must understand that we will not be the 'sheep' they are used to butchering and will take Muslim misbehavior seriously.

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Funny thing is, Muslims are a leading cause of death for other Muslims. In Islamic countries, we are told that Islam is 'Peace'. That claim is a lie. Islam is violence, hatred and killing, that is all it is and all it has ever been. In Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, Muslim 'Holy Warrior' Jihadi suicide bombers kill Muslims more than any other groups of people, with women and children most represented in the deaths. Where is the outrage from the Muslim community for this evil activity? There is none. Murder gets a 'Pass' from the Muslim community.

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Where is the outrage by these Black Panthers over the burning of hundreds of Holy Bibles by Muslims, every year? Where is the outrage over the Muslims breaking into churches and desecrating the Altars and Holy icons? There is none and the MSM does not show much interest in publishing information about these things, after all, Muslims are quite sensitive and easily offended. If Christians did to Muslims what the Muslims routinely did to Christians, at least some 'equality' would be found. However, that is not the case. In this world, it is the Muslims who aggress against the Christians, Jews, Hindus and anyone else who is not a Muslim. Muslims get a pass for their bad conduct and still manage to make themselves perceived as the victims in any event.