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312 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Striking Iran and the ... · 1 reply · +6 points

The talk is always bigger than the action. We could obliterate Iran's Navy in a day.

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I rejoice almost every time I read one of these articles for one simple reason. The way the left wing liberal media has so warmly cuddled up to the ultra hard right extremist religion of Islam will be its undoing in the west. It is only a matter of time.

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I agree. Seize their energy assets and give them to the victims (India, etc.) as reparations for the victims.

318 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine - Out of Options in Egypt · 1 reply · +3 points

Hitler was elected through the democratic process. Doesn't that say it all?

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With Muslims the truth inspires violence. How do you get around that?

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This was in the works over 20 years ago - for Star Wars.

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The authorities will act when they are FORCED TO ACT. They'll oppress the "civil rights" of 1% of the population to keep the other 99% from burning down the house. Every time Younas Abdullah Muhammad opens his mouth he should get his teeth kicked in.

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Trey - just because women are 1/2 of the Islamic world doesn't mean that they are equally responsible for its condition. I once heard a quote from a Muslim woman, "Our fear is greater than our desire to be free". If you were a woman, you'd understand the underlying, often unspoken threat of male physical aggression and violence that is inherant in being a female. Men rule the world because they can (by force), not because they are the best at it.