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Hoodie and yoga pants! I love my hoodies, especially the ones i stole from my brother that are too big but nice and roomy.

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I am SOOO looking forward to meeting you at Fan Expo this year! I missed you laster year as I was at the Star Wars Celebration Convention. My friend bought me your second book and i've been hooked ever since.

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I think i remember hearing Coin Firth wanting to be a villain in Doctor Who. I could be mistaken here but he said something that he wanted to play a bad guy.

As for the new casting of the Doctor, I'm excited that they've gone back to a mature actor, I saw some of Tom Baker's Doctor and he was brilliant in that! But I get that people want something different, i myself am tired of the love struck companions and would love to see an alien companion for a change.

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Eccleston is fantastic! It would have been awesome to see him in Game of Thrones! But he will be in Thor 2! So don't give up on him.

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I've been waiting for this movie for YEARS ever since high school when it was first rumoured to be in production. I am a fan of all of Card's works, including his women of the bible series. (I have a copy of The Crystal City still on my bookshelf unread... i don't like reading the last of a series)

That said, his opinions on homosexuality is sad. As long as he does not begin to preach to me in any of his books of his religious views, i'm fine. Everyone has their own opinions on life, some are more vocal than others, and some or more hateful than others.

Will his views on life change my views on his work, no. I'm not that closed minded, his books are good and really got me into science fiction as a teenager, it was also one of the only series my brother read (he didn't read a lot), so to me that's a win as well. I was actually surprised that he was a norman as I did not see that side of him in any of his characters.

I hope this makes sense. I do not agree with Card at all, but I'm not going to continue this cycle of hate back at him. He made his mistake and will have to live with it as we all do.

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It's very hard to choose. Fanboys is one of my favourites but Clerks and just about anything by Kevin Smith deserves credit too.

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I think it was in 2011 that I decided to spend much of my Fan Expo days in line for autographs. I was able to meet Kevin Sorbo, Tom Felton and William Shatner to name a few. Kevin Sorbo was by far the greatest person to meet, he even knew of the Scottish Festival our town holds every year, which was pretty cool. Even Tom Felton was great and awesome to communicate with.

I don't think i've ever met a celebrity i've gone absolutely crazy over, but i've never really hero-worshiped any in my lifetime either. They are actors and their job is to entertain us, to that i'm grateful, but they are still people like you and me. (So i keep my bubbly giggles to myself and squeal after i'm out of earshot of them)

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I so agree!! And he keeps coming out with more filler for the Ender's universe. The original series was enough, and I too think that making Bean more of a genius than Ender sort of stabbed his character in the back.

That being said.... MOVIE!

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I've only seen bits and pieces of the old series, not enough to really know all the aliens they had included. But that's pretty awesome to hear that had odd shaped aliens.

I feel that one of the reasons why there are so many humanoid aliens is because it's easier and cheaper to slab makeup on an actor.

WhoFan, They did bring back the Ice Warriors, who knows maybe Moffat has a few other reunions up his sleeve?

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Doctor Who! Who doesn't love the Daleks?
But i know most of the aliens they have are humanoid types like Star Trek and Farscape.