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Actually, I thought his son looked worried. He should have appeared happy for his father, but he did not. Why?

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In fact, I have it good authority that the bible is considerably MORE violent than the Qur'an. ( Not surprisingly, being a much longer book). Power elites have always co-opted the authority of religious texts as justification for their actions. This is in no way different. Both sites claiming the authority of their particular notion of a 'God' to do their bidding!

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I think much the same Kim and think it's laughable that one religion should be held up as the bastion of peace. There are enough instances to show that this is demonstrably untrue.

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An insightful article. I'm curious to read some responses by American citizens. As an Australian, I see the world through a different perspective but I value the US angle. Thanks.

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Well said John. Government 's desire the God fearing masses is because magical solutions to magical threats are easier than facing reality. Thus it has been through the millennia.

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Great to see that John Pilger has lost none of the fire. We need 'truth tellers' like Pilger and Snowdon, though their audience is limited to the few who make the effort to leave mainstream media sites. Keep at it. Keep writing and keep making videos for You Tube! There are people still listening.

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As my initial comments attracted a -13 and -16 respectively I'm obviously wary of attack; in fact I left reading those by guest till this morning and was prepared to delete if he got out of hand. So, a barely literate, anonymous poster has cleverly managed to garner a +8 score by issuing a badly worded, incomprehensible statement after a mis-reading a comment by a female poster. Defies description really!

I'm glad to have an ally out there even if it's only one. Other topics have been more to my liking, I must admit.

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I find the format of this site and the responses very confusing. On reading your other comments it would appear we're on the same page, and yet I felt your reply was given as an attack! Somehow the topic has digressed onto 'polio', AGW and pseudoscience. Beats me!

The article gave links to studies from Egypt!! Really! With due respect (I'm sure the Egyptian Universities are great in the realms of archeology but maybe not so much on science related topics. ( though I could be mistaken here).

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Is this comment directed at me? Have I stated that I'm averse to legitimate medicine? Have I shown a preference for alternate remedies? No!

If there is some evidence that GMOs have the ability to sterilise a human being then show me the studies! It seems absurd, firstly because people are still managing to reproduce! In fact,to such an extent that stringent measures need to be taken to AVOID conception taking place. They're certainly taking place where I come from and we have GMOs in our food supplies.

I find it very strange that people who embrace the capitalist system to a great extent should rail against Monsanto for......being capitalists! This is the epitome of capitalism. They've found a niche and they're exploiting it.

My only interest is in the science. If we've found a more productive method to feed 7.3 billion souls, so be it. Everyone alive today should take measures to limit their family size for the benefit of future generations, but this feat can be accomplished at an individual level and does not require the underhand machinations of GMO foods.

If anyone is worried about the consumption of GMOs perhaps they should buy organic!

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Dear guest,
You haven't enhanced you argument by the use of expletives, in fact quite the contrary. You merely sound like some overly emotional nutter with a poor vocabulary! No doubt you're convinced of a conspiracy; it's happened in the past, right! But this doesn't make everything a conspiracy. Our birth rate is still going up though the rate of increase is slowing with increased prosperity and education.

I can only speculate on the cause of your emotional outburst as I'm sure everyone reading this will as well.

Good luck with your life.