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That's the thing, I see jobs are available out there, but the problem is, some people have been unemployed for such a long time, they are getting "comfortable" with it, or so frustrated they don't bother to look everyday. So many people are unemployed that it is a huge battle to get the jobs that are available. The economy or stock market won't be able to make a full recovery until that "real" unemployment number goes lower. Too many people are afraid to start investing and spending for fear of losing a job now.

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I completely agree. The Palm products definitely sell when they come out, but nowhere near as good as the RIMM/Blackberry devices or an Iphone from Apple. It is really a battle in the smartphone market between Apple and RIMM, and the stock prices for these already reflect how good they have done.

As you said, Palm may be good to buy if they are coming out with a new product and then sell after it goes up a little bit, but they will not sustain their stock price growth and it will always be a low stock.

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I think it is very important to continue the 401K contributions. Yes the market is rocky and the economy is bad, but at some point, just like it always has in history, the market will go back up and those low stock prices will go much higher again and if you continued your 401K contributions, you will reap the benefits.

Now I totally agree with the last comment about the temporary boost to the budget. If you need the money, then don't contribute to your 401K, or keep the contributions lower, but if you have a lot of time till retirement you will be happy you kept the contributions going.