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Well duh, Snow Day of course.

"84 Charing Cross Road" (Helene Hanff) because it is utterly delightful - a series of letters between a New Yorker and a London bookshop immediately after WWII then the story (in 'The Duchess of Bloomsbury', usually published in the same volume) of the New Yorker's visit to London to publicise the resulting book. I read it every year and am filled with joy at the simple story of man's kindness and generosity to man.

"Redeeming Love", by Francine Rivers - it makes me shed floods of tears at the stunning picture of God's love for his wayward children, and his patience in wooing them back to him when they go astray. The perfect antidote to "Home" by Marilynn Robinson (sorry, kelybreez!). Beautifully written, too.

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That's OK - I already know what you've got me!

Seriously, though, in the old days people used to give gifts that cost very little (a new notebook, a handkerchief...) because it was what they needed and had usually been made with love and saved up for for ages. Now we're used to having disposable income, gifts get more and more extravagant and less and less needed.

My hesitation with your idea is because I love giving presents, and hunting to find the perfect thing, so I immediately gulp when I think I ought to restrict my spending on giving, but actually, I'm sure it will make the gifts I do give more meaningful. I hope so, anyway...

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Wow! You really do know how to pose a challenge, don't you? I'm so proud of you for even having the courage to think of it, and really impressed because I know you'll do it.

Thanks for giving me a lot to think about!

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Sarah Emerton's there (or going to be)?! That's great! Say Hi to her for me.

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I SOOOOO can't wait till this is cheap enough to buy over here (England)! (Or maybe some nice brother of mine will buy me a copy for Christmas!)

Love Billy's blog, and have been totally captured by the concept of this book already.

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Thinking about it, I suppose restaurants do it - they have this weird rule that if you choose to go to dinner in their place you're not allowed to bring food from the steakhouse down the road with you...

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Great post, Pete, really thought-provoking and helpful.

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Ha-ha! I think what this shows is you're either a Mac person or you're not. Either Apple is the saviour of the world and any decision they make is gospel, or they're smug, slick tyrants who should be despised and deposed for having the audacity to make stuff that works better and looks nicer than Microsoft.
I'm unashamedly in the latter camp - seems like you're in the conversion process but not quite convinced yet...!

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Wow! Another powerful post, Pete.
Reminded me of the parable of the talents, too.
Thanks for another thought-provoking monday morning!