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Very nifty idea! Will have to try this out.

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Is that picture of the relatively common protesters in San Francisco around the Powel cable car stop? Fitting. This type of behavior does nothing to convince us, even when done with good intentions, but can definitely have negative consequences given the right circumstances.

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I think the photo is rather beautiful, in a sad and forlorn sort of way. Maybe melancholic is a better word...either way I find it evocative, and thus definitely art in my opinion. In any case, what does and does not constitute art is a very difficult question to answer, and certainly not one I would want to leave up to individual police officers.

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I suspect that most people who are apatheist, according to that definition, don't fully understand what is at stake, and in fact probably are apatheist specifically because they don't fully understand.

For example, I was raised as a Christian and slowy lost my beliefs over time; there was no "Eureka!" moment for me. I was an atheist long before I realized it, but there was a period where I didn't care, and could definitely be classified as an apatheist. At that time I wasn't even really aware that a strong atheist movement existed, much less what was at stake. The more I have learned, the more passionate I have become.

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I think part of it is that many christians tend to have a holier-than-thou attitude when it comes to personal believe, and they like to show it off. Sayings like this are condescending, and are meant to be so as a way of feeling superior.

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I skimmed through some of the comments for this post...nothing really surprising. Many religious people discussing why atheism is wrong, along with a few comments of how we are starting the apocalypse (lol), and then many atheists discussing why the religious are wrong...and no one changing positions. Kinda depressing...

I think that the mere fact that the blog is discussing atheism is a good sign. Yes they still tend to give way to much validation to religion, but at least they are discussing atheism too. Baby steps.

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Excellent find! I just had to post it on my own blog (giving you credit of course). It's easy for us to counter the specific claims against us (and we do regularly), but I don't think that really matters to the religious. I think a common religious response is "well, that argument may not be perfect, but looking at the bigger picture I'm still right." This type of message goes after the bigger picture directly, and is (hopefully) more effective as a result.

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Thanks for the tips. Unfortunately my blog is a account, so I can't install plugins. If the blog takes off though, I'll probably move to a self-hosted solution so I can install plugins like intense debate (and use my own full DNS name). Great links you shared. I especially like The Atheist Revolution.

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Thanks for the compliment sbj1964, and thank you for the introduction mojoey! I'm new to blogging, and I definitely feel like a beginner with a lot to learn. Your encouragement means a lot to me.

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