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Keith...Rest easy, you're a really nice guy, their sincerity is genuine.

This is my favourite license plate... Plate

BTW...Welcome back, I had started to worry...and we all know, I'm not a worrier.

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You did an outstanding job on the action photography. Well done. Hope your back recovers soon. Sit with your legs up and support your lower back. It really helps if you can put support under your knees and behind your lower back when you rest with your legs/feet up.

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I have never questioned your faith in God. There are some of us who realize, faith's true purpose is truly nothing more than a means to better know God and for individuals to foster a personal relationship with God, thus a personal matter, and justifiably causes people to seek a path that enables THEM to do what THEY need to do to embrace God. Remember, it is in the best interest of religion to sell the belief that their religion is the ONLY WAY but is not always in the best interest of the individual who seeks a rich and fulfilling personal relationship with God. I sincerely applaud you for your "struggle" to do what you need to do to enhance your personal relationship with God.

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Your daughter is an absolutely beautiful baby. Trust me, I do not say this lightly or as a mere platitude. Seriously, BabyGeeding has real star power.

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Sooooo, that means Obama's minions knew about the threat to the Gulf of Mexico, yet did nothing for 16 months.

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There is a chance, based on his costume, the guy in the middle is the first EVER redneck rapper.

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I thought the same thing when I read that it was in Garland. Why Garland?