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Oh that's just darling. How wonderfully compiled and edited your photos are. I recognised the majority of them, even the back streets of Bath-I used to go shopping there!-and I loved that you put I used to live in Laycock. That place is exquisite but I had the worst asthma experiences ever living in my 200 year old damp cold cottage there!

We are just so relieved you didn't have breathing troubles over here and made the absolute most of an incredible whirlwind tour of our country.

Please visit again. It was such fun seeing you.

Stay Well my friend xx

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Excellent news-I did worry about you going it alone!

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What a hilarious pussy cat! Oh dear! I guess his fur will eventually grow out. Not sure what to use on it-you could ask a poodle parlour, maybe? xx

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You're way out front in the intubation stakes. I've had 4 for asthma but I don't remember them I was definitely not alert and rather poorly. Plus 2 random others -tonsillectomy and wisdom teeth extraction!

......It is a good location. You can walk across the river to the houses of Parliament from there. Lambeth Palace is the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury-our most senior Church leader here. You can't go around it as it is his home but I have played in concerts there and it is stunning, like a miniature Hampton Court. You'll be able to do so much from that location. Nearer the time we'll talk more about exactly what you want to do in London etc. Keep a check on Asthmagirl's blog as she'll no doubt write up their London site seeing-they did the Eye, the Tower, H of P and Big Ben and the National Portrait Gallery/British Museum. Oh, and a tube ride to the West London suburb where we live!!!! xx

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Glad you were able to get that all out of your system. It's a very rare thing to happen and we can't imagine what it would have been like although you have explained it very eloquently. I hope this has given you a degree of peace.

Should I be in a positon to be intubated though, I doubt if your story would affect me. The times I have been tubed i've been so out of it I'd never remember even that extreme drama. Do not worry!
You take care! xx

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Ha ha, man you made me laugh-especially as my Doc just told me he's never seen me this well before! And yes, that picture is on.......can't miss that chance-I've missed meeting up with you in SFO too many times to miss out on seeing you in London now! xx

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Maybe you could start a photo travel blog about your travels-especially when you come to the UK!
You'll be missed, but I respect your wishes and understand that it is often quite hard to write stuff especially when you are dealing with so much in the antsy lung junk department. Keep in touch xx

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Speaking personally, it's when I know I need iVs that I throw in the towel. Thankfully I haven't been in since July last year, and I have had a couple of biggie exacerbations with chest infection issues added in. I just seem to be playing Houdini for the time being and escaping ER by the skin of my teeth.

The second I arrive at ER I get IV steroids and IV mag sulf and those are the differences between staying home and going in, plus higher flow O2 and BiPap being on hand.

I've driven myself to the ER a couple of times and have gone in via ambulance 4 times in the last 5 years I think but usually J will take me as he has had enough!

I don't understand though when this was such a biggie for you that you a) contemplated driving yourself and b) ended up taking public transport? Baffles me. You were in such a bad way-surely somebody could have driven you or if not an ambulance?

I think a high proportion of the mortalities stem from people being caught out by their asthma en route to hospitals. Not to mention the danger to others when we drive ourselves, and the insecurity of leaving our car in the car park for days on end.

I'm just glad you went, you stubborn old thing you, and that you're feeling a little bit better each day now. xx

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So glad you're out of there and home recovering from it all.
Have you never thought of having a port put in or a hickman to save you from so many stabs-that's an awful lot of needles and your veins must be pretty iffy by now.
Whatever-hopefully you wont be needing IVs for a long time now, and no more marathons to make yo sick please xx

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A week on from Boston and you have done so well not to crash and flare until now. Perhaps the lurgy you caught on the plane has given you a chest infection-just been reading your side bar-so sorry. I hope you didn't catch my lurgy-cyber style. I hope you snap out of your flare and start improving-I don't want you to end up back in hospital.
Feeling pretty rubbish here and very uncomfortably tight, too, so understanding what you are going through...fingers crossed
Hugs x