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Great interview: a perfect companion to the creative cities stuff a few weeks back. I love everything Angel is doing and has to say. The one nit was when she said 'there aren't people developing real estate who come with this digital mindset'. The whole co-working trend around the world was started and is run by people with this mix of digital / local / physical mindsets. Lots to mine from that experience to feed into ambitious Rosa Parks plan for Detroit.

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Half right is is pretty good coming out of the gate! :)

CareerMash starts in exactly the right place. Great work. But I still think the real meat is not in talking about careers or school or jobs at all. Kids (and all of us) learn skills fastest when the learning is embedded in what they most care about (Minecraft, anyone?).

Sparkers: a good person to get on the show at some point is Mimi Ito from UC Irvine. She's great on this stuff.

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Great show this week, Nora and crew. From cyborgs to code literacy -- love it!

Listening to Ticoll and Rushkoff, I was thinking they're both half right -- computing as a stand alone discipline isn't getting us the skills we need (Ticoll) + coding really needs to become a universal literacy if we want to fix this (Rushkoff).

But they're all wrong when it comes to the path forward: they propose tweaks to universities (CS + MBA. yuck!) and public schools (2 hours of coding in grad 4, really?). As Cathy Davidson might say, these are institutions *designed* to mint monks and factory workers. Just not going to work.

When I look around, I see alot more learning about computers and networks (important!) happening on YouTube, StackOverflow and Minecraft than in most classrooms. If we'd rather program than be programmed, those are the first places we should be looking for solutions.

PS. Exception, many of Canada's community colleges. Also a good place to look.

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Definitely how much you said. Interesting to follow, but too much content. :)