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Jenn, I'm a first time visitor and I am the guy (Tom) who created this meme (but not the one who came up with the questions, if that makes any sense) and I just stopped in to see some of the responses from the Sunday Stealing group. You are the third person to answer question 14 the same way. It must be very hot in the Philippines..

Please check out their answers from last week and make some new blogging friends.
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Hi Lisa, I just stopped by to say hello and to see how your blog is growing! Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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Chuck, I would like to see your meme questions and a collaboration is definitely something I would be interested in. Thanks for the offer.
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I would be happy to be a part of any meme you started. There were a lot of questions and confusion with my rules and waiting until Dec. 12th. Maybe you could learn from my mistakes. Let me know if you do a meme. One thing that sticks out in my mind is the people really liked the questions. Make sure your questions are thought provoking. Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching. Have fun with it Chuck. By the way, do you watch Chuck?

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Great answers Dude! Chuck, I'm glad you answered number 3. Blogging is good for us! Thanks for being a part of this.
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Looks great. I look forward to your responses Chuck. Glad you are a part of this meme!

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This information is great. I just found LinkGenerator yesterday. I like the idea of an online notebook but unfortunately my best ideas come and go when I'm no where near a pen and paper and certainly not near my computer. So sad.

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Have you seen the movie yet? Have you changed your mind? I was going to stay away from it because I liked Let The Right One In but people have really liked the film. I think I will wait for the DVD.

I'm a first time visitor and I really like your site. I'm a huge movie and TV fan.
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It is an extremely offensive name for a show on a network where so many family members (children) watch. I don't have any kids myself but I would be embarrassed to have the show on if any children were in my home.

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I am really looking forward to Undercovers and The Event. Looks like someone is trying to use a plane to kill the president in the commercials. Undercovers just looks like a fun 60 minutes. I'm a huge fan of Gugu Mbatha-Raw from Doctor Who.