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Love you!!!! It's so fun to see more and more of the you-ier parts of you. :)

Slowly but surely I've been embracing my past. Well, some not so slowly. Some has been forced into my arms whether I wanted it or not. After several years of shrinking away, I realized sometime last year that I was losing myself. I'm still in the process of getting to know myself again, and deciding which things I like about her and which things just need to go. God has a lot to do with that too. ;)

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Ha! Well you certainly do an excellent job. ;)

I embrace the scary a bit like diving into a lake. I initially stand at the edge and evaluate my surroundings--rocks, tree branches--general safety assessment. Ask myself if I am jumping because I want to or because my friends want me to. If I decide that the location is safe enough to dive in and I have good reason to do it, I walk away from the edge, turn and then run right for it. From this moment two things can happen. 1.) I can skid to a stop and assume I will die after plunging into hidden rocks, but never know for sure...or 2.) I can jump in accepting that if I die, I'll go down with a hell of a story.

No one wants to hug the monster. So either hide under the bed, or run it over. :)

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Hmmmm...embrace the scary, eh? Interestingly enough we talked about doing just that tonight at small group. Good stuff Tam! Love you! :) And if it's any consolation, I've never considered you to be an introvert in my eyes and have always admired your boldness.

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I dig this. Definitely something I struggle with. And it's not so much that I want to be 1st chair, I just want to be good enough to be 1st chair. It's a terrible game of pride and comparison and not liking "me" more than "them." Thanks for this "visual" reminder of how we all play a unique part in the large story at hand. Love you! PS, I need some Hodge time in my life soon! For.real. :)

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I know it...makes me shake my head...

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It's really hard to explain what they look like's better if you can get someone to take you out that has property and experience hunting them. They only come out at night. You need a large sack and something to hit it over the head with. Rocks or shovels. My uncle had me use a shovel.

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You've NEVER been snipe hunting, Tam?? great uncle took me in high school--it was terrifying and exciting all in one because you do it at night.

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Thanks, Tam!!'s like this back and forth. Some days it comes easily, others, not so much. I suppose that is why it's called a "process." :-)

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I think I'm in the "acceptance" stage...that what happened, happened, and have been doing my best to dive into how GOD wants to heal me, and not how I want that to look like. Love you, Tam! Thanks for sharing these encouraging words today! :-)

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Oh Tam, my heart is with you. I'm so sorry for your loss and for the loss of the "proper" way to grieve. Praying for you. Let His comfort embrace you when you feel like no one will catch you in your emotions. You are so blessed with your husband and children and I'm so thankful they are beside you through this. Love you, friend! Hugs!