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I've got two cards - one that is for my mom's use (she wanted to pay for part of my sister's wedding last year - like $3K) and one for mine - Citibank Dividend. I'm thinking about ditching the dividend card and getting a Southwest Airlines Visa/MC...but worried they won't give me their top tier card because I'm clearly a "deadbeat" (someone who generates almost no profit to them). Top tier card = enough miles/points for about 4 one-way tickets -- but I'm worried they're dangling a carrot that very few people ever get.

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Dude, I'm a massage therapist. In NYC. I've had clients (all men) cry on my shoulder, douse me in Purell, beg for genital torture, offer me $1000 to have sex with them, and one of them even gave me a lapdance. As for poop stuff, well, I've thrown out a few skidmarked sheets over the years. I think we're at LEAST tied.