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He he, she's perfect, my little dude and she would get along so well. Oh, don't worry, the terrible twos will morph seamless into terrible threes. ;-)
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What a great place to relax and chill. I like the movement of water. It's similar and different here, I like to hang out on the ocean and listen to the waves.
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It's perfect your daughter is interested in gardening with you, what a great hobby the two of you can share. I think you're going to have many more such great mother/daughter moments.
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Too cute, and they are growing and growing. The baby days are over now. Sigh. But they still come for some cuddling, right?

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I like the photos you pinned and posted, you definitely have an eye for beauty.
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Hey, can you quickly hop over and paint my table too? And also bring some decoration? My little one was kind of creative with it, so now it's covered with a plastic table cloth I don't like (and have to replace every couple of month LOL).
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So right, it's not easy to plan everything in life, live the life instead of planning it. And a lot of times it's helping to 'forget' about the idea and when you least expect it, whoops, it happens. Or not.

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What a great idea, I'd love to do it, but ... no space in the freezer. ;-)
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Happy happy birthday to all of you. But most of all enjoy yours and the sleeping in on Sunday.
P.S. Mastering the skill of drinking from a sippy is very important for the upcoming toasting sessions.
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Way to go Little Miss Thang, I never liked pink either when I was young. And being independent and fearless, that's perfect. :-)