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5 years...! -gets all teary-

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It's not the normal Miku at all. Her face is different; I have the normal Miku figma and her face isnt as nice as that. It looks quite flat/bland compared to other Miku figures. I like append Miku figma's face a lot though.

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I need this like I need air.
I've been putting off getting a Japanese PSN card, was thinking of picking one up when I'm in Japan this year (hopefully) but the wait is going to be so much harder now...

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Shame...there's only like 3-4 songs on here I even like. Not enough to justify buying the CD.
I think the previous Voca___ albums have been far superior to this...

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euuugh I hate these things. Rin especially looks like some kind of evil goblin.
Why the hell these cost so much I'll never know, especially compared to the far nicer figures.

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Weird...I would have thought they'd use some PD2 costumes for the second strap set rather than more from the first game. Wonder if that means there will be even more in future.
I think they're cute but I dont want all of them so wouldnt pay that much.

Kinda weird that Teto is there...surely fanmades like Kaiko or Mikuo are more important?

572 weeks ago @ Vocaloidism - Paradichlorobenzene Re... · 4 replies · 0 points be honest I really hate this song. I find the tune really annoying and grating for some reason and I tend to look like Len in that second fanart after the video whenever I hear it. I wonder if that's the point of the song sometimes.