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P.S. have you stopped using Intense Debate? I'm finding it very flaky

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I've added the link, he's actually sent me the link to the one at he did at #guug11. We ought to discuss over #cake sometime, definitely time for another #tweetup

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Here are the categories associated with each collection:
Human Rights

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You wouldn't thinks so. I had a student who couldn't do it so I made a quick guide.

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It may not be the best, but it is free

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Thanks for your tips on this today. Got it working a treat. Just need to get my head around using zzz as a reminder.

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Cheers Brendan, Next we are trying to develop a form which you can enter your feed URL and the number of results you want and it will give you the embed code

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Hi Stu,

I'm trying to implement some of this strategy into my own RTM. With your zzz list. Do you have one long zzz list or one for each instance e.g. zzz1d. If it is one long zzz list how do you sort by priority i.e. zzz1d at the top?

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Hi Ray,

Thank-you very much for you comments. I agree wholeheartedly with you point of about the 'Sage on the stage' the model will need to be adapted to represent the other external influences upon reflection.

I also agree with your point about the misuse of the term 'blog portfolio', as ePortfolios are definitely more than a chronological series of post, the point I was trying to convey was blogging platforms like Wordpress etc. If constructed correctly i.e. appropriate use of tagging, categories and static pages are ideal for ePortfolios and are excellent (free!) alternatives to commercial options such as PebblePad. As for collaboration our discussion only prove they suitable.

Where can I find your blog? Tried the link on your comment, but it was broken.

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This is brilliant. I always wondered what all your 'zzz's meant. I've been using RTM for a while but this will really help me get it organised. Your an inspiration once again :)