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Great insights! I would LOVE TO MOVE, and while I was in Georgia last week with my boyfriend visiting my best friend and her husband, I envisioned a potential new life in a completely different part of the country.

My main reasons in wanting to leave Chicago and go to Atlanta are primarily the weather. I've had a number of stupid relationships, but I'm not running away from a man. I work for myself, so I'm not worried about jobs (and if I needed another part time side job, it's never hard for me to find those things).

I just really, really, ridiculously hate Chicago winters. I'm Zambian. No African should live in the conditions of a Midwest winter for 24+ years. It makes me crazy. I love the city/urban life, and Atlanta didn't give me the same city "feel" as Chicago (as you explained to me), but it would be a nice change of pace in a milder climate with friendlier people. Even if I just lived down south for six months from November through May and moved back to Chicago during the summer, I'd probably be much less temperamental.

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Shea butter is my savior. I went to Ghana in 2007 and stocked up on it, but I honestly never used it (other than the occasional after-shower body butter) until I went natural on NYE of this past year. HEAVEN IN A TUB.

I love all of the above wonderful, natural products but have yet to purchase a Denman. I think that's next on my agenda!