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sorry, but when QB LEADS team down the field 80 YARDS in GAME WINNING LAST MINUTE drive, YES that's called LEADING. Also I agree 2nd pick was "horrible", first one was tipped at line of scrimmage that happens sometimes. I guess that's the level Brady is on, if he's not PICTURE PERFECT for the entire game,EVERY game, some people will nit-pick.

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yes, I noticed it. Haynesworth had nice hit on Romo that caused "flutterpass" which could have been picked and a few other good bull rushes. Not saying they'll be 85' Bears. However, slowly but surely I see improvement. That's my problem with Media hacks. They always act like what they see after 3 weeks is what it will be all year, not necessarily true.....

.Other falsehood spoken yesterday was Aikman (who I usually like) saying Pats D in Redzone has "STRUGGLED all year" in actuality despite D's problems they have been pretty GOOD in Redzone all year. Am I wrong to expect these guys who GET PAID and DO THIS FOR A LIVING to know what the hell they are talking about??........jeeze

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Nice to see Pats D step up and play well (relatively speaking) especially after watching ESPN pregame show and seeing Tom Jackson and Chris Carter yucking it up over how "HORRIBLE" Patriots defense is.......Listen, I know they haven't been great (and bad at times) but these CLOWNS were acting like they were worst defense in NFL History. Really going overboard.....(I don't know why I watched, guess I like torture)

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From overall media coverage of situation...NOT saying story shouldn't be covered but never heard the Sports yakkers sound so FIRED UP and EXCITED before. This kind of implosion is what they live for. Bet the football scribes are jealous of the baseball writers. MOST (not all) of the football guys would give their right arm to see Belichick and the Patriots implode like this. OH THE STORIES it would give them!......anyway, they'll be beating this horse for weeks and weeks to come. That's OK, Pats do their best work under the radar

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Don't know if Patrick Chung is going to play or not but RIGHT NOW it looks like Ian Rapoport commited a BIG GAFF in his quest to be 'First".....He might end up being correct BUT........Hey, I'm just "speculating" that's all good in the sports media game, right?

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One of the great mysteries of the world.....There must be people out there who eat this CRAP up. It's mind boggling. ....On the other hand, what else are they going to put on the air?.....Candlepin bowling?.....The Crazy fisherman?.....still, it amazes me that there is that much of an audience for their bullshit

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Couldn't agree more Tony. Started really following the Pats when I was 10 years old. Went 31 YEARS before I saw them win a Super Bowl. So this 7 year "drought' doesn't seem like much to me.....maybe they should talk to Browns Fans or Lions fans.....or yes, JET fans

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It may very well be that Ocho just doesn't have enough left in the tank, OR he just can't grasp the system, OR it's going to take SOME time. I just thought Brusci went OVERBOARD based on a one line tweet from Ocho.......and then there's the little matter of Brady throwing for 500 PLUS YARDS and a victory without really throwing the ball to Ocho. I'll take that every week......doesn't this all play into Rick Pitino's "Fellowship of the Miserable" theory??....Pats pull off opening day win on the road and all anybody want's to talk about is "Why didn't Ocho catch more balls?" long as they win I don't care how many he catches

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I agree. I throw compliments to the media like manhole covers but I actually think Bedard is pretty good. I thought he first column about Patriots defense was rational and spot on. Surprised "fans went after him". I think you hit the nail on the head, Bruce.

As far as Bruschi goes, LOVED him as a player but think he's just becoming another ESPN "SCREAMING HEAD"....I find it comical that Tedy has turned into one of those media guys HE HIMSELF used to despise. I can remember him as a player responding to this kind of criticism by saying, "they aren't in our locker room, they aren't in our meetings, they think they know but they don't" .. NOW HE"S DOING THE SAME THINGS!.......This is to be expected though. That's why I don't put too much stock in what FORMER players say. Once they join the media they have to "play the game".

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GOOD GOD, that just shows everybody HOW STUPID Tanguay is. What the HELL is so HARD TO UNDERSTAND?....Belichick is not going to give anything away about injuries, or why a player is practicing or not or any in house personal stuff but he will talk at length if ASKED, " intelligent football questions"......I've said it a thousand times, todays media ONLY CARES ABOUT THE SOAP OPERA stuff

I know alot of people say Gill and Gino have lost their fastball but I would rather listen to them until their both 100 FREEKING YEARS OLD, than have that little twit Tanguay in the booth.....We should start a petition and send it to Kraft right now. KEEP TANGUAY OUT OF THE G.D. PLAY BY PLAY BOOTH!!!!