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Ice Cream sandwich won't really do much to raise comsumer interest in Android tablet, because it doesn't really address any of the fundamental problems of Honeycomb. There are still very few native, tablet-optimized apps available, and compatibility with 2.x apps is still shoddy. There's still a giant black bar at the bottom of the screen. There are still various controls haphazardly placed at each corner of the screen. Google hasn't really "fixed" Honeycomb. They've just cleaned up the code a bit, and it runs a little faster now.

It's no coincidence that the tablets that do have consumer interest, i.e. the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, have thrown away the entire Android interface, and have focused on delivering something that people can understand.

However, I expect a lot of people will adopt "real" Android tablets this year, based solely on price. The iPad is firmly locked at $500, while 10" Android tablets start at $300. Price-sensitive consumers will like pick them up without fully understanding the drawbacks of Android on a tablet.

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As said by SirWired, you're not supposed to use TechNet in this way. However, Microsoft doesn't stop you from doing this, and the keys you got while your were a paying TechNet subscriber remain valid.

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I'm sure they'll also block Wi-Fi tethering, like Sprint did on the Nexus S 4G.

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As long as you are forced to buy buy only carrier-approved phones, none of these low-cost carriers are actually solving the problem. What we need is a carrier that will let you bring any phone onto their network, and act solely as a dumb-pipe.

Basically, we need another nation-wide GSM provider to compete with AT&T, and not another crappy Sprint MVNO.

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As long as netbooks beat ultrabooks in battery-life, storage space, expandability (more ports), and price, there will be market for netbooks. A low-end ultrabook costs more than double what the average netbook costs, and I doubt the average non-techie consumer would really notice or care about the different in processor performance.

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Ah, you are correct... That's a pretty sh*tty move on Apple's part, considering that the 3GS is STILL being sold today. However, you'd have to be a complete fool to buy one. If you don't think a retina display, a better camera, etc, etc, is worth the extra $100 to pick up an iPhone 4 instead of the 3GS, then you have no business buying a smartphone.

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I think that you should changed the image to reflect the true size of these devices, because the image you have is very misleading. In real life, the Kindle Fire is noticeably smaller than the Nook Tablet.

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The reason no developers support the wizz-bang features is because, as a result of the fragmentation, they can't. If most devices are running 2.2 or older (which is probably still true), then developers aren't able to take advantage of all the improvements in 2.3, as doing so might break compatibility with older phones.

An old version of Android may work for you, just like you might be perfectly happy running Internet Explorer 6. However, developers hate people like you.

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That's not true. This is pretty much the first time that a software feature hasn't been made available to previous generation devices capable of supporting that feature. The only other example I can think of is when video editing was introduced. Their reasoning was that the processor in the 3G was just not fast enough... However, there is absolutely no reason at all that Siri couldn't work on the iPhone 4. It's being used purely as a point of differentiation.

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No, you're not imagining things. For every lame excuse I hear Google apologists deliver, such as "people don't care about which version they're running", or "only geeks care, and they can just root and install any ROM they want," I can't help but think that no one except extreme nerds has any business buying an Android phone.

So, Google is walking a strange line. They're saying "regular people don't care", and then delivering a product that only appeals to nerds. If you really don't give a crap what phone you have, and don't like technology and tinkering, then why not just get an iPhone? With the iPhone 4 at only $100, it's not like Android really has a price advantage.