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HI JD and Kim
Great work to put this together and taking time to evaluate all of these tools, and thank you for mentioning Synthesio. If you'd like I'm they're community manager and would happy to give you a tour. We typically work with large brands and agencies that want an enterprise-wide customized solution, including dashboards, reports, engagement platform, crisis monitoring, etc. in 30 languages.
I'll be in touch, and happy new year !

Michelle @Synthesio

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Hi Lauren,

These are some great tips for people that are looking for "free" tools for monitoring certain keywords, but there are so many more options. Ken Burbary put together a wiki ( that organizes social media monitoring tools and services in a sortable way.
i say "tools and services" because there are 3 different types of tools, as we see it :
1° "free" tools like Google Analytics
2° DIY tools like Radian6
3° service tools that provide reports, qualitative analyses, and customized alerts (of course I work for one of those ;) -- Synthesio)
It seems as though brands and agencies have to choose to spend either the time or the money to get quality results out of what they're looking for.
You can monitor key words, for example, but you can also use social media monitoring to uncover insights like we've done for some pharmaceutical projects and others.
For the "free" side, older tools like boardreader and icerocket are always great, as well ;)

Michelle @Synthesio

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Hi Rachna,

I'd also say it's important to know which department is interested in which analytics. I just recently had a chat with Nate Elliott from Forrester who shared his ideas about this with me and a couple of colleagues (@nate_elliott on Twitter if you want to find him ;) ).
Another question I've also seen a lot of people asking themselves is whether to have the analyses performed in-house (either by a social media marketing manager and his/her team, or a marketing analyst, or community manager) or out-of-house (full service tools like Synthesio -- [disclosure : whom I work for!! ;D] that perform the setup, monitoring, analyses, reports, alerts, customized measures, etc or with an agency that does the legwork).

I've seen a lot of people start with "free" or DIY tools to realize that in order to have quality analyses and an understanding of social media data it's going to require A) money or B) time.
Chris Brogan just had a nice post about this on his blog, as well ;)

Michelle @Synthesio

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I like this, Lauren :) And agree there are huge differences between pinging someone once and developing a relationship with someone - online and offline.

Michelle @Synthesio

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Nice article, Amber. I don't always comment but I do enjoy reading.
I like that you talk about not needing to talk everywhere where people are talking about your competitors because you're not going to turn a die-hard Pepsi-drinker into a Coke fan.
As for "stock responses", I have yet to research who came up with them, but then again maybe it's what being taught in schools. Actually, I can speak from experience that ( I recently graduated - took my time with a couple foreign exchanges in-between ;) ) we were not being taught to send stock messages, but some students still came out with the idea that they should send media kits to bloggers for their fake term-long PR project...
Also, I'd say just being helpful can go a long way (at least as far as community manager :) ).

Always a pleasure, Amber


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Ah OK, thanks! If you have any questions >> michelle ;) I found you on LinkedIn and Twitter, as well.
Have a good day

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Backtweet and netvibes are also some good free monitoring tools.
For German (paid) you may also want to look at Synthesio. I'm sorry I don't speak German (but we do monitor in German! :D)
I'd be happy to give you any information if you'd like

Michelle @Synthesio

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*thumbs up* for the wiki ;)

Michelle @Synthesio

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let me know :) I'll be here
send me an email (michmski @ when you come so i can send you my phone number, too ;)

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don't you dare cut or dye your blue hair! :)
and much strength for you and your father..