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Clever, tasty, and -- most importantly-- wonderfully Canadian-like.

Good show, madame.


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I'm sorry, but what's so ridiculous about a fennel bulb? I fear you've crossed the line and I am now forced into not speaking to you for the duration of BlogHer Food.

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Thanks for the link love, my friend.

By the way, who painted David Beckham?

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You know, JennyAlice, you're a really lovely writer. And a lovely woman. I am so digging the photo of the two of you. Sadly, since reading the above comment about how much Jack looks like his father, I can't help but mentally transpose a salt-and-pepper beard on the boy.

Does Jack tolerate fake facial hair and spirit gum? Because that's a photo I'd also love to see.

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Looks delightful, as usual. I made something similar with quinoa a couple of weeks ago, but I'm digging the addition of roasted peppers here.

I love Near East, too. I did a photo shoot with them several years back. When I lost my restaurant job shortly thereafter, the two shipping boxes filled with image and print-free packages of their products helped sustain me. Never knowing which flavor I was getting myself into helped to break up the monotony of unemployment and subsequent daily couscous eating.

They've always had my love, too.

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Andy Dick's tongue? Good Lord. I've got some great Andy Dick stories for you. They are not, however, fit for your comment section.

We knew each other when I was in college. I'd be happy to tell you about them privately or even at BlogHer Food '10, if you're coming (please say yes!).

These stories are good. They're really, really good.