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Catarina, I am delighted to have met you online. I greatly enjoy reading your articles.
This article has made me realize that I look much like... a ghost on my Linkedin photo.
But after all, I am indeed a ghost of the SAP world; one whose work was left unfinished, that is, making the SAP world a better place. :-)

My recent post Leo Apotheker – What makes me- me

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The greatest medicine of all is to teach others how not to need it!
This is in our human nature – we fully appreciate health only after we lose it.

My small contribution to your important initiative:
"Cancer is not a fatality, it’s… a personal choice." on my blog

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"Great entrepreneur" is a typical psychological feature of one of the six genetic types.
Our genes are the piano keys but epigenetics (how our genes "listen" to our environment) is the composer...
We have the power to alter our genes' behavior.

"The secret of your genetic type" - on my blog "Change your genetic destiny":