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This is totally awesome and makes me want 6EQUJ5 vertically on me somewhere.

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They could be either, in my opinion, except for the location. The player's character in Bioshock is almost never seen, but any time you wield an object, you see your hand, including the wrist. The chains are directly on the wrist. And personally, I love that tattoo - and Bioshock!

Now, if you had three chains on the chest, then it would definitely be Star Trek. :)

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Way to make 85% of your readers feel old..."read a lot of Harry Potter growing up"...YIKES. I'm gonna go back to my Ultima 4 game now.

It is a cool tattoo though, and I like the idea of getting a physical mark from the series as a physical mark on yourself. I would like a fake lightning bolt scar equally well, but it is probably less popular due to the location.

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Yep, dissimilar = most traits (color, shape, number, fill) are different, rather than the same. I LOVE the tattoo! She should have gotten different fills for maximum effect. :)