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The return from paradise of Imam Mahdi is on the minds of most Muslims. Mahdi as the leader of a mighty Caliphate will restore sharia law to a wicked world and put the sword to the infidel. But in the final battle the Mahdi will be sent back to paradise, and freedom loving people will dance in ecstasy.

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Good news has finally arrived and there is dancing in the streets of Tel Aviv and Gaza City. A decision by Uncle Sam to pacify residents of Gaza by giving them 400 million is worth the investment, it would cost Israel and the US billions in lost international trade if war broke out. But a lasting peace will come only by exporting violent dissidents to Nigeria or Sudan. Most would never earn the airfare or camel ride to return. Humanitarians call it ethnic cleansing, but the right word is decriminalization.

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We are called the compassionate people and there is a good reason for it, the Jewish people have always made a special effort to be kind to people of other religions. We were the only Jews in a small southern town and my mom often baked cake for her neighbors. She went from door to door distributing them, she never complained when her kindness was not returned. Father used to volunteer to wash the cars of strangers but never asked for a dime or expected thanks. My compassion was to help my classmates carry their books to school, but even if they never invited me to their homes I loved them. One day we moved to the big city where there were lots of other Jews, no longer are we as compassionate, but life is better. There is a lesson to be learned from my childhood experience. If Israeli Jews tried to please their palestinian neighbors by being more compassionate they may not get thanks, but it will bring them peace.

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Bets are on that most of the International peace activists on the flotilla have ties to terrorist organizations. Their interrogation will result in thousands of sleeper cells being uncovered and break the back of international terrorism. They should remain imprisoned until every drop of information is water boarded from their evil minds. This has been a Bonanza for anti-terrorism intelligence units.

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Estimates are that there is enough oil in the reservoir to mess up gulf waters for seven more years. Until the source is depleted residents have to avoid oil polluted areas. Nuking the hole is the only alternative with results that are unpredictable. Voters should be allowed to decide if the government should take that chance. A failure could cause a tsunami which would bathe a million residents in thick smelly slime. The best choice is to live with the goo and wear high rubber boots.

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Another million pregnant Mexican women will shortly be dropping their anchor babies on American soil, but they will not have to swim the Rio Grande, getting a short term visa is all that is needed. The worst scenario would be if other third world women had the same idea, as tourists they could flood the nation with a hundred million babies crying for a welfare check. It would force taxpayers to support countless children that were not their own.

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Neither Europeans nor Americans will have their benefits reduced. The US at this moment can float a trillion in treasury bonds which is enough to keep friendly governments fat for decades. Future generations will have the benefits of wonder drugs that will keep them euphoric. It will solve the problem of greed.

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The flow of M&M [Meth & Marijuana] across the border will be stopped. Mexican President Felipe Calderon will not sleep until every drug dealer is behind bars. But he cannot afford to do it alone, billions are needed from the US to pay for the costs of his war. After he cashes the check, thousands of drug enforcement agents will climb into the mountains,they will stop and frisk every peon and mule for M&M. Felipe Calderon is a friend that can be trusted to stop illegal drugs and corruption in Mexico. Lets support him.

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Polanski, Woody Allen, Al Goldstein, Hugh Hefner and many others had one thing in common, they were all cynics who thumbed their noses at conventional lifestyles and got away with it. The most beautiful women of the world begged to share their bedrooms for even a moment. Their hedonistic lifestyle provoked jealousy in those that follow the rules and are forced to make love to a loser. Now its payback time and the family man is getting his revenge. They are overjoyed that Polanski got caught either fondling or raping a 13 year old sleepover. Most want him tarred and feathered, others wish to trade places and make love to the women in his Swiss villa.

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It would take more than waving a magic wand to solve the illegal immigrant problem. The cost of catching, holding, processing, and deporting an illegal is over 40 thousand dollars. With over 20 million illegals, it would cost 8 trillion dollars to do the job. Americans have no choice except to make them feel at home, because they are here to stay.