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Will do, Meghan! Thanks.

322 weeks ago @ Writerland - Is Self-Publishing the... · 2 replies · +2 points

I definitely agree with the four necessary components to produce a high-quality self-published book. At this point in my career, I am still considering my the pros and cons for both paths to publication. Each have their benefits and setbacks. I think it all comes down to what gratifies the author most from either choice. I let that be my illuminating factor.

327 weeks ago @ Atheist Revolution - Sexism in the Atheist ... · 0 replies · +7 points

Just chiming in from the female side of things - thanks for acknowledging this issue. I'm a relatively new atheist to the communities, and I have been too often shocked by over-the-top misogyny. It does not happen everywhere, but I have learned which sites are feminist friendly.
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Reading also became a higher priority for me in 2012. I have settled into a rhythm during the day where I do one hour of writing, then one hour of reading, then 30 min. social media, then take a 30 min. break. Repeat process.

Good luck with keeping your reading goals, Kate!

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It's a day to celebrate, Jennifer. It's beneficial to reflect upon the past year and anticipate the future. Wow - you've already sold 75 books? Incredible for such a short span of time...and in the midst of the evolving publishing world.

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This was just the kickstart interview I needed to bling out my profile on Red Room, Megan. I just joined this past week after checking it out a couple months ago. This thorough Q & A solidified the importance of Red Room to my networks' list.

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This is a tough question to ask no matter what end of the atheist spectrum you adhere to, except for the more visible "out" atheists. I fall into that category myself.

I like your reworking of that question, but it might also benefit from more community input and tweaking.

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Hi Former Fundie - I also used to believe that demons entered a house through the TV screen or Harry Potter. I'm with you...I forsook my superstitions.

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I agree, Karen...now, time to get my name tag. :)
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Hi Alycia - So glad you are also a fan of Chuck's books. I am about to read "Damned" in the next couple months (hopefully).