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I'm not sure quite why
Your profile pic's a potty.
Except that you're twelve.

This is fun Heather...I will participate more often.
And although I may not comment all the time, I want you to know I LOVE your blog. There...I did it out loud!

Have a grand weekend,

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Hey Brenda,
Great post! It is really hard to imagine life without being plugged in, and it takes intention to truly remove myself from all the plugs that bind me. I love your Shakespearean tribute. I wrote a really similar post in April of 2010 about the FB/ Twitter/ online writing platform issues. I too wrote in Shakespearesque prose. I dug it up: It sounds like you would enjoy the new movie coming out "Anonymous" too. I am really looking forward to seeing it. MMF

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I'm sure I will enjoy getting to know more about you and your writing. Our brains are similarly wired... MMF

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Glad to have found you. You're on my twitter radar now too! You have a great writing voice, and I can sense you have a lot to write about!! Curious about the "lapsed liberal and Catholic." When you lapse as a liberal, does that make you conservative? I get the lapsed Catholic thing...cradle Catholic myself (in and out of lapsing) It's likely our paths will cross again! MMF

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I love laughter! Our littlest regularly has us in stitches. Funny story from tonight, in fact. We heard her bell-laughing with her sister in the other room, and then she came in to apologize for peeing in her pants because she had been laughing so hard. I told her she was lucky...not many people can actually say they laughed so hard they peed their pants:)

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Good ideas! I like to take a long walk when writer's block hits. There is something that really happens when the blood starts to flow. I also pick up someone else's writing. Reading stimulates the words for me, and I can usually springboard something, after reading good writing. Oh yeah, and the other thing I do is I have a number of writing outlets...when I don't feel like writing on my non-fiction book, I start writing in my fiction file. When nothing is flowing there, I write a senseless blog. If it is really bad, I will just write some emails, and if that doesn't work, I go to sleep and start again later.

Great post!

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I started marketing during my research. I told people, "I am writing a book...will you answer these questions" That was seven years ago. The promotion has come in waves, and I anticipate plenty of work after the book is actually published. Your insight is have a lot of great information! Thanks...

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That sounds like it will be a great resource. I'll be looking for it!!