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Please conservative quit talking about your support of the constitution and what it means. Remember the Patriot Act. I could mention many more violations of the constitution that conservatives did not fight. You did not fight the Supreme Court ruling in Reigel v. Medtronic taking away states rights and the rights of individuals to seek justice in the courts our their back door with a jury of the peers in their neighborhood. So please conservatives do not talk about "constitution", "liberty", and blah, blah, blah.

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Another article that really does not prove anything. All this article does is stroke everyone's egos that already has their mind made up about what they think they know about health care. Another person stating his opinion and making money at it.

The real questions that Americans need to ask is if their quality of life and longevity are any better in the long run for the cost. Has their been any real innovation in the drug market in the past several decades? Has there been any real innovation in the medical device industry in the past several decades and can that be empirically measured?

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Are these attorneys not the result of the free markets or are they an evil secret government entity that is out to destroy all that is good in this world. I believe it was el Rushbo that said that anything that doesn't make a profit does not provide any value to society. I believe trial lawyers and their firms make a profit and I believe they have clients and there for they offer a great value to the middle class. Value that big business wants to take away from the middle class.

I would suggest that all you experts on the legal system read and educate yourself on how the legal system works before you start contributing to the discussion. It is sort of like when Republicans complain about Obama because he has no "business" experience or "executive" experience.

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"Clear evidence that while tort reform is vital, "

Not really. This is one story and as always someone will use it in the service of their ego. Of course you will not hear about the injured patient that did not sue or the injured patient that was not allowed to go to court. Nor will you hear about those big awards that were eventually brought way down by a judge. Who are conservatives really complaining about, you.

The system has a lawyer for the plaintiff and a lawyer or lawyers for the defendant. There is one judge, the referee, and twelve citizens called the jury. Each side tells their story and presents their facts. When each side has completed their arguments and presented all of their facts the judge tells the jury the laws that must be applied when deciding the case. The jury then moves to deliberate the case in private amongst themselves.

It is the jury that the Republicans, the US Chamber of Commerce and big business are really complaining about, the common man, you and I. Do they not believe we are not capable of making decisions about how to live our lives, that we are not capable of governing ourselves, that we are not capable as fully informed citizens to make decisions about the conscience of our community? Is this what we believe? I would argue otherwise.

Our Founding Fathers recognized the collective wisdom and judgment of its citizens and also understood that of each of us unconsciously seeks those bits of information that confirm our underlying intuition. This is why the founding fathers gave us a system that allows for dissent. This confrontation forces us, the majority, to interrogate our own positions more seriously. (Some on the right do not believe in this.)

Yes, the jury system is not perfect, but neither is any institution that man creates and participates in because we ourselves are fallible. Given all of its imperfections the jury system is a microcosm of the very Democracy that men and woman have died for through our history. Yes, again I will say the jury system is not perfect but it is ours.

The Founding fathers wanted to create a framework that would allow society to orient itself through dictates of conscience. This framework forces each of us into a communal process of finding the truth, an approach to truth that is experienced. An approach to truth that is more than dogmatic belief or a truth inferred from logical arguments. Are these principles and values something that we truly believe in our hearts as the best approach to society?

I can only come to one conclusion and that is that the common man is not capable of rendering judgment but yet is capable of participating in the free markets, the stock market and Democracy. I sometimes have to believe that Republicans want a king because they are constantly attacking one of the few protections that the middle class has outside of their back door. Yes, it is the jury, the common man, that Republicans are complaining about because obviously we are all to stupid to render judgment once we have heard all the facts. We are all to stupid as to how we want to orient society.

What were the founding fathers thinking about. Giving all this power in the stupid middle class.

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"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you. Yes, I'm stuck in the middle with you" The joker spoke, the jokers and the clowns jumped.

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The only solution is for adults and grown men to start acting like grown men and adults and not school yard boys. Why is it that people need exaggerations in their lives to bring fulfillment to their lives?

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There is always a conspiracy around the corner. It is always the "others" in your world.

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Shame on you Mr.Breitbart. Act like a man and not a school yard boy. In the military we have this word called "honor". Take out the fire house and wash the testosterone off the floor boys. Everyone will try to spin this now so that their ego will be protected.

Why did you not release the entire video the first time. This is not like the television where you only have so much time or the newspaper where you only have so much space. You could have easily put the entire video online the first time around but you did not. There are far to many school yard boys in this country on both sides of the ego fence.

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Shame on you Mr.Breitbart. Act like a man and not a school yard boy. In the military we have this word called "honor". Obviously you do not use words like this in your daily life.

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"is the co-editor (with David Horowitz) of The Hate America Left."

This tells me alot about author of this article. Jamie Glazov's world is filtered through his ego just as they are with radical Islam. These types of people are not interested in the truth, only finding facts that support and protect their ego.

Like radical Islam Jamie Glazov also has his enemies that are destroying all that is good in the world.