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I guess, police should stop and subject to humiliating checks elderly white ladies, to balance its attention toward segments of population known to be most criminogenic.

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The poster definitely does not speak well of its authors...
But by bullying Europeans, trying to silence them and implicitly insisting that immigration is a right of Turks rather than a privilege, this ambassador only proves that the poster's authors do have a point.

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It is sad that people whose only fault is being of mixed origin often suffer from other people's bigotry.

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Yes, of course some are successful, but unfortunately others are not. Authorities in some German cities even complain that they are overwhelmed by Bulgarian wannabe immigrants. Many of these Bulgarians do not even speak German yet as EU citizens do not qualify for subsidized language courses and other services.
I am talking about poor and uneducated yet generally good and law-abiding people. There are also others who go to Germany wishing to prosper as thieves or pimps. They put a stain on the reputation of Bulgarians as a whole.

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Rumcrook, things are not as straightforward as you see them.
Many poor unemployed Bulgarians go to Germany and create some company which never starts actual business activity. The purpose is to legalize their long-term stay in the country without being officially employed. Then, they enter the black labour market and are hired illegally for a fraction of the minimum wage.

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Alternatively, the French citizen could leave Islam after the wedding.
And if someone threatens his freedom to do so - the state should guarantee it.

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We in Bulgaria have a large ethnic Turkish minority settled centuries ago, yet campaigning in Turkish is forbidden. The bottom line is that all members of the public must be aware what is told during the election campaign.

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The original Discovery "Mythbusters" test different myths and come out with two possible results - myth either "busted" or "confirmed".
I would ask, if some of the myths in question are confirmed after all, will this be declared on the website?
Or will government shamelessly announce things contradictory to facts of everyday life?
I don't know whether Swedish children today eat pork in school, but some 10 years ago a teacher forbade eating pork to a Swedish schoolgirl of Bulgarian-Turkish origin. "You should not eat this because you are a Muslim."
This girl, now a young adult, wishes to emigrate to the USA. She says that Swedes have always been nice to her but she doesn't feel to truly belong there. Small wonder. You cannot feel included if your classmates happily eat pork stakes and the teacher takes the stake out of your plate to force you to obey some 7th century taboo.

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It is another matter that many of these parents have been careless to decide to move in the first place, thinking only of the better economic opportunities for themselves while burdening their children with education in another language and also with the need to explain to other children (who are always more intolerant than adults) that there is nothing wrong in being from X country.
People should plan their lives more long-term than the distance of their noses.

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If transfer to spec-ed is suggested to "at least one bilingual student in every class", this clearly indicates that teachers and bureaucrats are pushing non-disabled kids to schools for disabled ones.
I know from Bulgarian emigrants that authorities of the host countries typically enrol immigrant children in the same classes as their local peers, based on age. Nobody assesses the linguistic and academic abilities of the immigrant children, let alone prepare them for local school programme. When they (surprise, surprise) prove unable to cope with school tasks, they are often diagnosed with attention deficit - hyperactivity disorder or even autism.
Let's also add that many disability activists are so unsatisfied with the quality of education in spec-ed classes that have campaigned for many years for inclusion education of disabled children along with their non-disabled peers.
So I think immigrant parents are absolutely right to think that being in a spec-ed class isn't the best for their children.