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As a member of the Grammar Police(Retired), I approve of this message....

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Always up for reading a free book :D Thanks for the opportunity!!!
My recent post The Cost of Doing Business

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Very funny. The bad news is, most at this point are doing their own SEO, whether sub-consciously or not.

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It would seem I can't be a lucky commenter here, either....

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It would appear that 1966 Batman has four followers.

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Privacy died a long time ago. If you don't believe the police state is already here, then you've already lost. No matter who's elected.

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Actually, I'm choosing to ignore that store entirely. I found a better one anyways.

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Thanks for reviewing Batman #9 first. As a Batman completist, I will indeed be purchasing all the titles you state are 'not as good.' It sounds like on this current story, I need to start with last issue. At Free Comic Book Day, they gave the guy at the front of the line to the store a free Night of Owls poster, and that made me upset.

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It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine....

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I'm a filmmaker, I do indeed have several blogs, however, the most relevant for this series is either or I use both to raise money for when I participate in The 168 Project, a speed filmmaking competition where teams are given a theme, a Bible verse, and a week to make a ten minute short film. This year, my superhero action comedy Blue Blazes, was a finalist selection. Any donations given at either site mentioned above will go toward maintaining the sites, and making the sequel to Blue Blazes next season, which starts in August. Thanks for your time, and consideration.