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Thank you for the Dworkin quotes that are indeed, respectful and openminded of trans folks and their issues. The reason why some "trans-activists" are slagging Dworkin is probably because of the simple convenience of riding on the coat-tails of the pornoprostitution producers' witch-hunt that has never stopped since the mid-seventies.
However... I have a feeling that her example and actual quotes are being used by the author to ALSO slag indiscriminately and quite off-handedly "Second-Wavers", Daly, Morgan, Sheila Jeffrey et al. (oh, that dastardly "al."!) -- feminists who have criticized not "trans" folks themselves but the present attackers of the feminist movement who, I believe, instrumentalize genuine trans issues - while putting forward the preposterous claim of representing such a diverse category of people - to forcefully shoehorn themselves into women's definitions, spaces and movement - and to rail extremely agressively at anyone who objects, however politely and justifiably.
Rather than this blunderbüss treatment, one would appreciate a substantive documentation of actual justifications - if any - of what seems to me like a hit-or-miss rhetorical slathering of abuse on a whole movement for resisting people brimming with men's rights entitlement under a different guise.
But maybe the material just isn't there to support that.
In the end, I am just sorry to see Dworkin being used to batter her lifetime friends and colleagues.

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"chicken hawk": A gay man who prefers adolescent sexual partners. (This term has also been used for a straight man who seeks adolescent girls.) That sense dates to 1965... Source: __It is long established for any "child molester" in prison slang (cf. "Slang & sociability: in-group language among college students", Connie C. Eble, UNC Press, 1996). __I would advise against reference to p(a)edophilia, even if it makes some feel good to think that "these men are sick". The use of such terminlogy provides an automatic clinical alibi for abusers. In fact, most sexual users of youths also have sex with adults, so it is not as if most of them are fixated on youths. __And a number of true p(a)edophiles do not follow through on their fantasies.