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"My father was an entrepreneur and I don’t know how many times my mother told me I’m just like him. " I could write my name after this. :-) My mother tells me that a lot. :-)

I think that our genes are important for the choice of becoming an entrepreneur, either you have it in you or you don´t. People who don´t, will not be as comfortable building a company. But, as you say, if those strengths were not encourouged I might not be where I am today. The environment is important; if you want to become successful you have to surround yourself with people who are successful.

In Sweden entrepreneurship is becoming a subject in school, and I'm curious to see the outcome of that. How will it affect the children? Are we going to have a lot more young entrepreneurs? And what will the effect be when ordinary teachers are teaching the subject? Can they communicate what it's all about?