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I am glad that you highlighted the bitters. That is actually what I would pull from the cupboard first out of force of habit. I wonder what it would be like to use a non-traditional base in substitution of apple juice/cider. Maybe a pommecythere filter juice or even the new cane juices that are available on the market. You have all of the essential elements though.

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you are so helpful....and sneaky ;-)

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Why did it take me 2 years to get a Tawah? Cuz the only hardware store near family in St James kept flipping closing every time I would try to stop by during a trip home. I am glad you got yours and are perfecting your roti recipe. My tawah has been cold for too long. I need to really oil it down and get crackin'! I also would love to get a Turkish coffee pot....or maybe a Vietnamese one.

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Congratulations on your new tv channel, The Cooking Channel!
It seems that you are bringing some fresh faces to food television and giving a voice to budding food stars. I look forward to your programming on spices, indian food, herbal gardens and exotic flavors. Good luck with your launch at the end of the month!

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Congratulations on your show at the Cooking Channel, Anjum
I am very excited to see what your show will feature and how you can demystify Indian cooking. I am Trinidad in the Caribbean where our population is around 40% Indian. The curry there is green rather than red but we have a love for Indian culture in the region and from the mainland. I love a good chicken curry but also love Saag, Tikka Masala and a good tandoori fish. It's really great when naan is taken to the next level with spices or stuffings. I actually turned leftover curry channa into curry hummus for one of my recipes. Curry is essential and look forward to learning from ideas that you have.