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What this union moron doesn't want to address is, that the teaparty, is a true grassroots movement, people harmed by the corruption of the Big HObama, they can't afford to travel to Washington all the time, as they have bills to pay, and don't have the astroturf paid for buses to drive corrupt union hacks like him to any point in the US. Frauds like this guy, want to trash the Koch brothers, but don't want to address the Soros, the Bill Gates and the Jefferey Immelts who are the real fatcats, who are stealing our resources, our tax dollars, don't pay much if any tax and displace real working poor and middle class US citizens, black, brown and white. Union fraud, is a bought and paid for toady of the fatcats, irregardless of what he types here.

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Someone needs to tell Tinkerbell Graham, that free speech is a constitutional right, not an "idea". What's more, neither he or B-HO have a right to limit or deprive the US citizenry of that right. We're not going to lose our right, to humor the barbarians old Graham cracker is either on the take from, or intimidated by. If he doesn't like that, he can get stuffed.

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That says it all, the left admits they're brainless.. tell us something we don't already know.

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No way, no how! The majority of Hollywood film releases these days are garbage. If they want to know why the box office takings are so low, I can tell them rather easily. No one wants to see condescending, anti-American propaganda, never ending remakes that are watered down versions of the originals. We don't want social science indoctrination, or to see everything reduced to gutter level sexualization. In short, we want quality, entertaining, interesting films. Secondly, ticket prices are high, and with the costs of going to a movie, the popcorn, soda, etc.. costing the way it does, it's not affordable any more, way out of proportion to the wages of Americans. Perhaps Hollywood's executives, it's many layers of middle management, it's overpaid directors, producers, writers, actors, actresses, PR people and assorted hangers on need to see their salaries gutted down to real world levels.

No one is going to pay 30 dollars to see a movie 60 days after it's release, or even on the first day of it's release. One can only realize that if this is the kind of thinking coming out of Hweird, then it truly is on it's last legs and will soon be gone.

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No, moronic Obama, the founding fathers considered Greek democracy to be undemocratic, and false. The founding fathers decided that our government would be a constitutional republic, with some principles of democracy, but not the false democracy of ancient Greece. The founders were inspired by the first participatory democracy in the world, that of the Iroquois nation. When will someone publicly shame this piece of crap playing at president?

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Please don't assume that that blog owner is a 99er, he's a leftist seeking to exploit the image of the 99ers. His entire angle is calculated and too slick, I just don't buy his crap. I know actual 99ers, and each and every one have been and continue to be pounding the pavement looking for work each day. They are damned angry (and have a right to be) about how they are labeled as, "given up looking for work" when referred to by the media. That euphemism, promoted by the Clinton administration, was put forward deliberately to distract from his policies that displaced citizen workers and would continue to do so, long term. I know tech workers, including engineers, who cope with homelessness, while working at minimum wage jobs, I know one who works at a Lowes. I know one who has done everything he can, and currently runs a jack of all trades business out of his home. He does everything from auto repair, lawnmower repair, landscaping, odd jobs, like painting, window washing, computer repair, software design, anything. He's barely keeping a roof over his head, and he's not alone.

Frankly, when you buy into the blame the victims of democrats corrupt policies in this way, you are encouraging them to be exploited by the left.. and that is what that fraud blogger is hoping to achieve.. it's been the left's desire that US citizen workers would be displaced, and when desperate enough would be willing dupes for their dream of revolution. Try giving the 99ers the benefit of the doubt, try questioning the left's propaganda on this issue as much as you would when they attack something you believe in. The 99ers are no longer collecting unemployment, their benefits ran out. As things stand, if their jobs weren't sent overseas, the democrats imported visa workers, facilitating the citizen workers being fired. That doesn't make them lazy, or deficient in any way, it rendered them abused, in much the same way we've all been, by the democrats, Exploited, ripped off, cheated. The 99ers aren't our enemies, and it doesn't help when some of us end up willingly being duped by the left into piling on the long term unemployed.. because that is what the leftist blogger on that site wants you to do.

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Oh come on, people.. what needs to be stated, is that neo-cons are not, and have NEVER been conservatives. Take a deep breath, and repeat after me, neo-conservatism is a Marxist, Trotskyite, to be specific, movement based on a desire to destroy the republican party and conservatism in the US from within.

This isn't rocket science, peeps, it's the plain, unvarnished truth. The founders of neo-conservatism were Trotskyites, it's an established fact. Look at their agenda, look at how they ally so greasily with the left. I swear to God, Nixon wouldn't have got into the trouble he did, if he hadn't allowed neo-cons into his administration, and Reagan, God bless him, wouldn't have allowed that horrible amnesty, were it not for the neo-cons George HW Bush brought on board the administration.

Neo-cons aren't our friends, look at what they are in aid of. They ally with the left on the imposition of sharia financing, and support insanity like the Ground Zero Mosque, they demand open borders ,and the displacement of US citizens from the work place, the erosion of our national sovereignty and independence.

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Thank you, last night my fear was that this story would get buried and ignored. Appearing in the Bigs gets the info "out there", where it needs to be.

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B-HO also claimed his trip to India was about creating jobs, "back home", but in India, he stated that his priority was creating jobs overseas, and the need for jobs in the US couldn't come at the expense of that. Obama plans on looting more of our tax dollars to fund deepwater drilling in socialist Brazil, and in fact, Obama will continue to deny US oil and gas companies from drilling here, and ultimately either drive them out of business, or force them to be dependent on what crumbs they can get overseas, he'll then help his foreign contributing friends to loot the US of it's oil and natural gas. Obama seeks to starve and loot the US. He must be thwarted and removed from office here, as soon as possible. No more shilly shallying. We have Judicial Watch and others exposing the fraud and violations of law of the Obama administration, and the republicans in congress are acting meek and mild, instead of fulfilling their constitutional obligation. This will not stand. They must be forced to call for an independent prosecutor to investigate with an eye to impeachment and removal from office. The time is now, this can not continue.

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I have to ask.. given that Islam is the law in all Arab & Middle Eastern nations, in increasingly more African countries and it's steadily taking over Indonesia, and demands for it's implementation in western countries.. I'm curious as to why Mr. Aalyami restricts his concern to Saudi Arabia, and neglects to mention the fact that were the Saudi royals to be removed from power, the fact is that the imams and others who would rule it, would impose even harsher undemocratic Islamic rule. His motives would be less suspect by me, had he written an article that takes on the fact that Islam is a religion and a totalitarian system of government, and in no way should be allowed to be established as law as it's not democratic, and that those who are attempting to impose it using the Trojan horse claim of "democracy" are liars and frauds.

Can't help but wonder if this is just another attempt to propagandize the US citizenry into paying for and sacrificing for despotic Islamic who view us as useful idiots.