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Chris, McCain's trip to meet the terrorists in Syria was organized by an Israel lobby front...

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Winep removed the pages of McCain's Syria trip organizer.

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The champion of the "Syrian rebels" is a classic Israeli asset...

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The Senate Un-Israeli Activities Committee (SUAC) Grills Witness

Sen. Graham asks Hagel the $64 question: "Are you now or have you ever been a member of the American Party of the United States?"

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The Ann Lewis quote can be found on page 2 of a Dana Milbank column in the Washington Post entitled "The Audacity of Chutzpah." Milbank was reporting on a public meeting held by a group of Jewish leaders to discuss the 2008 presidential election. Here's the relevant passage:

Next question to [former ambassador to Israel Daniel] Kurtzer: Obama's assertion that he needn't have a "Likud view" -- that of Israel's right-wing party -- to be pro-Israel. Kurtzer explained that Obama wanted to see a "plurality of views." Silence in the room.

To that, Lewis retorted: "The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel. It is not up to us to pick and choose from among the political parties." The audience members applauded.

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According to Patai's obituary in The Independent, "On his mother's side Raphael could claim to be descended from the greatest Talmudic luminaries of their age."

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That my mere mention of the easily verifiable role of pro-Israel think tanks in leading the push for intervention – something your full-time “anti-interventionist” staff continues to ignore – should elicit such a hysterical overreaction is not only bizarre, but perhaps more revealing than you intended.

By the way, it should also not be too difficult for your staff to verify that I am not “another guest.” Perhaps your clichéd libel of me can be best understood as a projection of your own paranoia.

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It’s far too easy to grandstand about “Western” machinations toward Syria. A few minutes research, however, on websites such as WINEP’s Fikra Forum, Foreign Policy Initiative or Foundation for Defense of Democracies leaves little doubt as to which Middle Eastern country is driving the Western powers to intervene in, i.e. destroy, yet another neighbouring country.

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Over the years, there have been reports of the Israelis continuing to aid South Sudanese rebels during Sudan’s second civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2005 and resulted in an estimated 1.5 million to 2.5 million deaths.

Angelos Agok, a U.S.-based activist and a 13-year veteran in the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement, recalls that the SPLM’s ties to Israel were kept discrete.

“It was an intricate case, where South Sudan was still part of Sudan, which is an Arab country,” Agok said. “We didn’t want to offend them, and we had to be very careful diplomatically.”

Agok said SPLA leaders traveled to Israel for training. The Israeli government declined to comment on the subject.

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According to James Mulla, the director of Voices of Sudan, a coalition of U.S.-based Sudanese-interest organizations, Israel’s support proved pivotal to the Anyana’s success during the first Sudanese civil war, which ended in 1972.

“Israel was the only country that helped the rebels in South Sudan,” Mulla told JTA. “They provided advisers to the Anyana, which is one reason why the government of Sudan wanted to sign a peace agreement. They wanted to finish the Anyana movement just shortly before they got training and advice.”