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Thanks Sharon. Yeah, he was a beautiful boy.

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Wow, you guys are everywhere! Welcome :)

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Yes, it was really awesome. Nice list you have there :)

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I do play WoW. So does K. What realm do you play on? I have an 80 tauren druid on The Scryers named Terunapekere. Also leveling a troll shadow priest named Ghadzilla. Have an abandoned 70 night elf druid and assorted alts on Whisperwind. K has 2 80 supermages named Nikkyo and Sunskywalker on the same servers.

What is your guild name? Would be curious to hear more about it if you are looking for new people. Will probably try a goblin and/or worgen when Cataclysm comes out on Dec. 7th :)

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Oops. Sorry about that. Please try again. It should work now.

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Great perspective. If only everyone thought like that!

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Thanks for your comment anyw0man. Karen is the "Ask a NT" forum moderator at the Autism Women's Network site. She writes some great stuff over there and also answers people's questions.

As far as resources about relationship and communications issues, I would also recommend the related forums at the AWN site. I believe they are all in the Strategies For Daily Living section of the forums. The 'Ask a NT' and 'Neurotypical family and friends' forums are in that section too.

There are some other great online resources as well. You can find a partial list of them on the Resources page.

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Thanks for the good wishes Mooncat :)

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Hi Lynda,

Sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope you can find some support somewhere. There are lots of great online resources and maybe some local ones in your area, depending on where you live. It is pretty hard to find resources for autistic adults in most places.

Have you checked out the Autism Women's Network website? The forums there are a great place to ask questions and get information. Glad I could help a little. Good luck with everything :)

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We are really going to do it! Sometimes I am strangely good at dealing with these types of changes even though I am completely traumatized by little things like having to wear a different sweatshirt. It will definitely help that Karen knows the lay of the land and lots of nice people!

If we take the route that is pictured in the map above, we will be passing through your neck of the woods. Maybe we can stop in and say hi :) Will keep you posted for sure.