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also "stagemom" or "helicopter-parent"

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you must be my age! (30) the author must be at least 10 years younger.

i like pretty much all of your selections, good list (yours) ;)

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to my mind a giant squid, octopus or other freaky cephalopod (giant benthic cuttlefish? who knows?) fits the "Ziphius"' description much better, having the largest eyes on the planet and a real parrot-like beak!

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i am also 30 years old, as of march 2010. if that makes you feel any better ;)

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uhm, i hope i was being nice? i have no memory of trying to insult you at all, sorry if i came off badly.

i wanted you to see this link:

is it still not working?

just remove the extraneous spaces....

http:// scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2010/08/two_ checklists_for_ feminists.php

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first i must say i usually love blogball lists,

and hey, i love still a blogball list, but:

my biggest "irkness" is with the brit use of "post mortem". you do realize that this phrase needs to be short for "post mortem examination" or it is meaningless? there is a reason we in the states call it an "autopsy" instead, yes? sorry to quibble on words, but this is one that has always "irked" me! "autopsy" is just a better and more specific and detailed term. if you brits want to use "post mortem" -which simply means "after death" you need to amend it to "post mortem physiological exam" or just go with autopsy. just speaking up for the brit/US linguistic divide,,,,,,

still love you though. but i was irked. guess it's a general US/UK difference......and there are many more!

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nice and clever, but the abuse of the definition of "fact" -even in sarcasm- just sucks! it hurts the side arguing from the stance of evidence and reason........

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i think you are getting confused about your personal actions (which sound fairly good) and the total weight of societal stereotypes and expectations.

and i don't forget the things you mentioned, but this doesn't make implicit male privilege -especially in the workplace- less real.

for example, if you find you can't talk honestly about an emotional issue in your life with another male friend without feeling "gay" do you not see this as just another element of a stereotypical "macho man" element of male privilege coming into play?

you can't really blame that problem on the women in your life, it's more a problem related to some untrue-and-yet-socially-reinforced idea of "maleness" which may be more specifically defined in your local area........

if you weigh the male/female stereotypes in the workforce, well women get the short end in nearly all westernized social dynamics. sorry, but true.

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forgive me if i'm totally forgetting, but is "where i live" south africa? and are you white? i'm "taking this seriously" because as a woman 7 years your senior it's just become so damn hard to escape the current "double standard" between men and women in the US, and in most societies that are socially similar to this one (or striving to be similar, as i saw when i lived in peru [where as a side note i met a very cool family who were south african expatriates].)

please, bluesman, for me, read it and see if you personally benefit from "privilege" in your life....

perhaps the most significant to this discussion is the very last, roughly: "i have the privilege of being unaware of my actual privilege."

tell me, how many times could you answer "yes"? and until i challenged you do look at this, how often had your "23 yr old goofball stoner stuck in my office cracking lame jokes" male-self not even had these things called to mind at all?

'cause i promise you your "23 yr old goofball stoner stuck in my office cracking lame jokes female" (or maybe non-white, or heavens! both) coworker across the aisle will answer that "privilege checklist" in a why largely different then you. this is worth thinking on, i promise.

sorry to be so serious on a site that is just a time killer for you at work, but this level of comment discourse was what always made LV great. i hope it still does. besides, isn't thinking on this more interesting than the newest weird-n-silly youtube?