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It's good to read an update that the you are on the road to recovery, and not a overly long one (fingers crossed).

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I'd love to see a larger sample size. It would be very interesting to look at the date of the last post as well to try to understand if/when the site was abandoned.

Most (all?) large scale WordPress compromises have been WordPress as the target (WordPress specific payload) not the vector. Not that this is any reason not to stay up to date!

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Do you feel there is a benefit to hiding the version? It's trivial to identify a site as WordPress, and to test for security issues, regardless of the availability of the version number. At least if the version number is handy, friends can bug you to update.

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I reverted almost immediately because of the grey background in the list for read items. The decrease in contrast from the current on blue background (default theme) bothers me.

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Such an improvement in launch, eh? I remember Mark Jaquith posting videos of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator loading -- instant!

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Like Brad, I suggest you give the Zeo a try -- so maybe I don't have to ;-)

Are all the competing solutions accelerometer based? Do any take into account your pulse or other metrics?

I think the Zeo is the only one that Tim recommends. I think in the 4hr Body, he suggests it was the only one that gave him gave him data that helped him make progress versus his onset insomnia.

The Wakemate being the most affordable, and Matt being involved, was the natural choice for me to dip my foot into the quantified self waters. I ordered it at the end of December, so hopefully it will arrive soon.

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Eric is not in the car.

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Hmm, so to put that another way, if one is savvy enough then one doesn't need anti-virus software.

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So not verifiable?