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Well... if it's Jello Biafra and the Melvins...

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Shitstorm - yeah, gave that a play - "I hate you, I hate you, every day, every day" - guess that guy needs his coffee in the mornings.

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Officially old? Many happy returns!

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So I see.

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Well said!; although you can never account for everybodies tastes. The more popular lists tend to be the ones which dance over the line of taste and decency. Of course, I prefer science, history, art, culture and philosophy lists, but the site would be a bit stale if these were the only ones which saw the light of day. Yes, I thought this list was horrible too, but I'll defend the right to publish it in the name of a free humanity. Besides, with any luck, now that we've had this list we won't see too many repeats. :))

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Hi. Disturbing movies are not large on my must-see list; I've seen enough disturbing things in real life, and have had my fill of disturbing documentaries (Earthlings) already. I remember as a kid being traumatised by the movie Dead Ringers, and this had jaded my appreciation ever since. Like the author says, some things you just can't un-see. If I want to feel sick to the very core of my guts I'll just flip over to the news!

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Hi. I wasn't blown away (or blown apart) by this list. However, full marks for including the Cube as a reference - I must see that again!

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Crazy, crazy list. I guess some folks like the "wait and see" method, while others try the folk-tale approach. Life if like a box of chocolates...

(what? too much choice and too many hard centers?)

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Really great list today, plenty of information (which isn't necessarily a good thing, but certainly it was in this case), and those stories are fascinating. I especially like the cannibal one, the lake, and yes, the grapefruit.

Bonus Question: If china is the most over populated land mass on earth, and the gov't has limited folks to having just one child each, how come they want to invent more 'people' in the form of robots?

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@ Magnumto: Hi, the easiest way is to get hold of 'Tuneup Utilities' (the 2011 version is out now). There are several functions which allow you to clean out the registry, and a great feature is 'registry defrag' which, after you have cleaned everything out with the registry cleaner, will allow you to compress your registry down to size. This combined method not only means the computer is faster in operation, it also means the system should boot a lot quicker too - especially if you also optimise your startup items. The utility is free to try for 30 days, and after this time the changes will still be on your computer - you just can't make any further changes without a $30 registration to the full package.

I had a full 'top ten tips' list waiting to go at one point, but I didn't feel it would be so interesting to the broad fan base the LV has accumulated.