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Yeah, maybe if I'd used it up instead of letting it sit for so long... :) I use the grape seed oil for the high smoke point, but at 250 that's not really much of an issue either way.

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I love granola! We grew up eating it, but Mom rationed it. Not sure why. She never rationed Cherrios or Corn Chex, which are more expensive than homemade granola. I think she didn't want to make it all the time! I don't ration what I make.

I don't know if I would use peanut oil, though. I once bought some to make a stir fry recipe that called for it, and what I didn't use I put in the fridge. A month or two later it was rancid. IN THE FRIDGE! I prefer coconut oil, which won't go rancid or even alter at that temperature, and it has such a delicious taste! Or I'll use grape seed oil, which doesn't seem to alter the flavor.

Anyhow, I hope that your readers who haven't tried making their own granola will try it. It's not hard, and sooooo delicious!

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LOL asyhre! I'm afraid it's going to be like that here most of the time! Especially with more cloudy days per year than sunny days! Don't you love Murphy's laws? ;)

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Fortunately, I haven't had much problem with smelly towels. I usually dry them in the dryer, because we don't have a line and we live in Portland OR (meaning we have over 200 cloudy days per year), but I plan on drying them on the line this summer (because we're moving and will have a line!) as much as possible. But what I can't figure out is how to get the vinegar in on the final rinse! It's not like I'm doing laundry at the laundromat and am just sitting around waiting for the rinse cycle... I have kids. I will soon have a huge house (that is, in about a week). I will soon have a yard that needs lots of work. I don't have mental energy to remember that so many minutes after starting a load I need to run down and put in the vinegar... Any ideas?

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You could make future posts say something like, "What you would have learned from your mom if you'd been paying attention" or something like that. ;) Happy mother's day!

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I have a dishwasher, and I use it as my dish drainer! LOL! Once a week it gets to do the dishes for me, partly to keep it from getting nasty. Hand washing does save water, that's for sure!