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I agree with you. I can't stand Geera so liked the Labrador style way of cooking peas.

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Soak them over night..I find that cooking I cook them slow and long. Have you tried putting them in a slow cooker while you go to work or do your other stuff?
In Newfoundland, they put them in a cotton bag and toss them in with the vegetables to cook.

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Hi Chris
For those who like to idea of heat but not the Zing, They could use pimento peppers. Smells hot but no heat at all. Adding an Habenero or Cuban pepper will give minimal heat and lots of flavor.
I am interested in your use of a Mango. I will try that.

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Hi Chris
In SVG, some people use browning, but my family always use curry in pelau. Either way, it tastes great. It was always our beach picnic food too.

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I am lucky enough to get salmon right out of the lake, ut will try using lefover fried/baked salmon like this. I usually do tinned tuna like this. A quick meal when in a rush.

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HI__ I love the bread recipes. You asked for ideas for others so I thought I would post my wishes.__As a child, I really enjoyed a bun called jam buns a local bakery used to make , heavy bread and coconut slice.__Love your site and I usually share with others. I will put a link on my blog.__Thanks__