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powerfull poem

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SSA Ek Ong Kar G,
wonderfull article. you are right the real prosperity lies within us. the more we explore ourself, faster we'll reach home and all struggles will start leaving us.

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Sri Gurkhs Singh G, its really a nice article. sometime we get entagled into the rituals of religion and forget the soul. He is within us and He can be felt by surrender and unconditional love. though i'm still naive, but i feel that His vibrations can be felt everywhere. His love is ike a rain and is falling everywhere unconditionally. its only we, who are standing in the sheds of our ego, desires, emotions, etc, because of which we don't feel His rain of love.

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Ek Ong Kaar Kaur G Sat Sri Akal,
its a nice explanation but dont you think that God is miser if there are only two paths to reach HIM. there are millions and milions of paths to God, its upto us what we, Like, Guru Nanak Dev G has said "Hukm rajae chalna Nanak likhia naal", we should make an endeavour to live in His Hukm, and the enjoy the biggest blessing given to us i.e Life.

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sat sri akal, please let know also.